Jan 2014

Chapter 2: Page 25 – Let’s End This

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It’s on now.  Tenzin has been doing his best to get his squad to safety, doing the strategic thing of running away, but I don’t quite think he cares as much about that anymore.  “Deathbot killed my entire squad?  Time for it to BURN” sort of mentality.  Makes Chapter 3 pretty cool, though ;)

Speaking of, we are now back on Monday and Thursday update schedule, since we caught up to our pre-relaunch point.  So check back on Monday for the beginning of Chapter 3.

Also, check out this sweet review/spotlight that we got over on TopWebComics.  They have a blog section now, and do “Webcomic Wednesday” spotlights.  We signed up, and got review.  Bonus!  Plus, my comments over there led to the creation of a “New Comics” List, for comics that have been on TWC for less than a year.  You’ll be happy to now (especially you, Delta-v) that we are #7 on that list ;)

PS – If you are really sad about there not being a comic update tomorrow (or every weekday now), just go give the Extras section a try.  Got lots of nice articles about back story and tech and etc of the story.  You’d like it :)

  • Nate the Robot

    Sheesh, you’re just a robot out doing your job, and humans get all emotional and want to destroy you.

    • Ha, we won’t hold it against you personally.

    • jerry mcmasters


  • Also, coming up soon we’ll probably have some Humble Bundle style “pay what you want” for a digital version of chapters 1, 2, and 3… so you might be able to get early access to Chapter 3 that way. Anyone have interest in something like that?

    • Probably not the best place to announce this and try to get traction on it, silly brother of mine :P Email me info and I’ll make a post about it.

      • Hahaha… its like the secret easter egg only for comment readers :D Have to put a magical discount code in here when I finally code this.

  • Delta-v

    Hi, everybody, sorry I’m late–I had to read a blog (the whooping and dancing took some time, too). WOO! MY OPINION HAS BEEN VINDICATED! :D

    This is why I was so annoyed when I started reading the comic, and found out that it was so far down in the rankings that if TWC was an ocean, Demon Archives would have had to look up to see the flounders, and I thought DA deserved WAY better than that. There are many reasons why other comics are that far down, but there was only one reason for DA to be there. NOBODY HAD VOTED! But now, thanks to all you wonderful voters, that’s no longer true, and they’re on their way.

    As far as I’m concerned, there is still at least one too many digits in the rank number (won’t say more, don’t want to wake the jinx), so more voting is needed.

    Please vote, vote, votevotevotevote, and,if you would, please vote some more. :)

    • Hehe. Delta-v, you’re great. And Jynx is always easier to catch when she’s asleep.

      But what did you think of this page in particular?

      • Delta-v

        OK, here goes. Back in Ch. 1, p. 7, panel 4, he bemoans the loss of the old days when it was just him, Viktor, and Jorge, and no other responsibilities. Now, everyone else is dead, he put the girl in a safe place, and Viktor is wholeheartedly with him.

        He may not be Nordic genetically, but I recognize the battle-lust of the true berserker. The restraints of command? Gone. Civilization? Not even a memory. Even humanity–not any more. He is no longer a soldier, he is a warrior, with a warrior’s honor to avenge. His body language screams “Predator”, and he’s on the hunt.

        D*mn, you guys are good at this–Especially Sebastian.

        Is that what you were looking for?

        • Hehe, very nice analysis, you’ll see how it plays out in chapter 3, but I think you’ve very nicely captured his state of mind at the moment.

          • Delta-v

            That’s because it is also my state of mind. :)

            After all I’ve watched them go through, I wanna see him stomp the hydraulic fluid out ot that animated trashcan.

        • Yeah, that’ll do ;) And that was kind of what I was going for too, plotwise/character development, so I’m glad it worked and is believable.

  • jerry mcmasters

    But what’s the basis for Tenzin’s confidence? Whatever “this” he’s gonna “do” he shoulda already doned it, or at least tried.

    • More like how Delta-V phrased it before… he’s in the “well shit [email protected]#$ everyone is dead now I, nobody left to protect, only have to focus on killing the damn thing”… not entirely rational, and maybe a bit “snapped” at this point.

    • It’s not confidence as much as determination. Before it was try to escape. Now it’s do or die. “Let’s end this” as in “Either I kill it or it kills me” sort of thing.

      In other words, he’s in angry vengeance mode, whereas before he was thinking rationally and trying to escape with as many soldiers alive as possible.

      • jerry mcmasters

        That makes sense. He’s going into Rage mode.

        • cds

          Given that his tanks are gone, it might even be rational to go on the offensive (although air support is incoming, but 7 minutes is a lifetime (potentially literally, here)). So, I don’t think that the decision was made for rational reasons, but it feels like he might not have any other viable choices, either.

  • nightgaunt

    The final heart stopping showdown between the human hero, his snippy A.I. versus an unknown mechanical killer. Precise and swift.

  • Dreadogastus

    Still here. Still swimming up through the archive. Just keep holding my breath. “It can’t get worse. Somebody is gonna make it out. Right?”

    • Right… ;) As I’ve said before, some named characters will indeed continue on being characters. I just won’t tell you which ones >:D

  • Citrus Reaper

    Well… There goes the need for the other squad guys to have identifying marks on their armor.

    • Hehe, exactly. But in the future we’ll make them more distinctive.

      • Citrus Reaper

        Sounds good. I’m just a sucker for some badass mask-paint.

  • STL Orca

    Man, some 3-d printed action figures would be SWEET.