Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 10 – Silence

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Happy Monday all!

Well, sad Monday for Tenzin if you consider the content of this page :(  There’s not much action on this page, but it’s important to show the emotional moments too.  Plus, the next couple of pages will have some good action for you ;)

We’ve started March, which seems crazy (wasn’t it just barely Christmas?).  Patreon has been a success so far.  I got over $20 donated to help us pay Seba! That’s pretty nifty.  Thanks to those of you who pledged.  Everyone else, if you’d be willing to pledge at all, it will really help support us in paying Seba (and maybe someday, ourselves!), and you’ll get cool bonuses and stuff.  Come on, current Patrons.  Tell the people what sort of cool stuff I give you :D

Also a big thanks to those of you who’ve been voting for us over on TopWebComics.  We’re in the top 100 again, so far, meaning that we’ve been drawing in a lot of traffic this month to date.  Nick is really busy with a hectic move, but when that settles down I’ll bother him about getting a permanent button to both TWC and Patreon on every page (as some of you suggested).  Until then, there are buttons to both on the main page that I was able to figure out.

Let me know your thoughts!  And as always, feel free to try bartering skills for MCs ;)

  • Jason Clayton

    *lone teardrop* Proshchay staryy drug!

    • Aww…500 MCs for proactively finding some Russian, dependent on @Amberlight verifying your word choice ;)

      • Jason Clayton

        Awaiting approval to update my bank account ;P

        • Alright you can add 500 MCs in now ;)

          • Jason Clayton

            transfer received and noted.

    • Amberlight

      Amberlight’s seal of approvement.

  • … and thats another poster I’m gonna need in my office. Amazing Seba.

  • Delta-v

    I got this page through Patreon last week, and I was worried that it would spoil today’s post, but it didn’t. The emotion is just as raw and powerful as I could wish. Patreon is one of the best deals I’ve made.

    I rarely use a comic’s vote banner after the first time, preferring to vote from my TWC Favorites page. It’s faster, and I don’t miss anyone that way.

  • Carina

    Poor guys. All of them.

    (That’s some REALLY nice art on this page. Love the minimalistic design.)

  • Marius Hjelseth

    Real powerful page this. Turning this into a wallpaper, as a kind of patreon incentive might be something to concider, Just saying. :)

  • jerry mcmasters

    It’s my wallpaper at the moment, though it stretches weirdly. Great pic.

  • @jerrymcmasters:disqus and @mariushjelseth:disqus, per your request, here’s the link to this page as a wallpaper: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=269386&rf=86433

    You do have to be a $2 a month level Patron to see it though ;)

    • Marius Hjelseth

      My man! Into the rotation it goes. Good looking out.

  • Powerful stuff.

  • Well done. These poignant moments are part of what make a powerful story.

  • Legendary Sisters

    Mark Wahlberg is playing Tenzin in the movie adaptation… <== see what I did there?

    • Curse my lack of pop culture knowledge. Even wikipedia couldn’t help me understand this one.

    • Either him or Matt Damon…

  • Neil Kapit

    RIP Viktor :(

  • Powerful page dude

    • Like we talked about on twitter, I think I have overcome the “first chapter” tendency to overdo the dialogue and text :D

  • So, Tenzin has lost his entire squad? Ouch. Just one of those things was so brutally effective… heaven help them if there are more.

    • Yup yup. Let’s just say that this was not the only deathbot deployed today and leave it at that for now :)

  • theRoUS

    Man, not only lost his squad, but lost his tech, too — except for Jane. Unless the incoming support picks up all the pieces, which I would expect. Don’t want Them to get our tech!

  • You will…in Chapter 7 :P

    • I’m tryin’ to catch up! D:

  • So sad. :( (I like it, though! )