Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 11 – Seething

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Poor, poor sad/angry/gonna have really bad PTSD Tenzin.

BTW, does anyone have any applicable knowledge/experience with guilt/PTSD/therapy they might be willing to share with me?  I want to be able to do it justice in later chapters, and would appreciate someone who I could talk to about it.  Let me know.

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  • Sebastián Píriz

    anger management

  • Amberlight

    Science team back home will not be happy. Better keep Tenzin in his armor when they meet, so Jane could restrain him and stop from snaping their necks.

    • Hornet

      Only if science is also the intelligence arm.

      • In our case, science and intelligence are actually two separate groups: Glaucus and Oculus.

        Also, welcome @DeadFrog09:disqus :D

        • Hornet

          Hello and thank you.

  • Jason Clayton

    If there is any one thing i have learned from watching movies, it’s that the monster is never actually dead. That is why you should ALWAYS do a double tap!

    • Jason Clayton

      Side note, I have finally finished positioning the fingers around the gun and am ready for the next step

      • Awesome! Send me an update photo? (or post it here?)

      • Sebastián Píriz

        Looks awesome :)

        Are you having much problems to move the parts?

        • Jason Clayton

          no major problems, just learning and filling gaps.

      • Amberlight

        Great job! But don’t spend too much time on the small details, unless you are planing on making the figure 8″ tall, they most likely won’t be visible. Althought 8″ Tenzin figure will look awesome.

        • Jason Clayton

          Nice try on using “standard” Amberlight, but ” means inches, and i assume you meant feet (‘). The machine that i will be using could make an 8’ tall one, but it would take about a month of constant printing and MANY parts.

          • Amberlight

            No, I ment 8 inches, 20cm. 8 feet would be crazy. But superawesome.

          • Jason Clayton

            Then ignore half of my previous statement

      • Amberlight

        Is there an update on this work? I’d love to see Tenzin’s figure.

        • Jason Clayton

          There would be, but there are 2 problems with that, just got back from an easter weekend camping trip with family. When I got back, I found that my dog knocked over my laptop so I have to get a replacement before I can work on it any more XC

          Good thing I had a warranty on it

          • Amberlight

            Make sure to update us on the latest pages. We all want desktop Tenzin:D

    • Delta-v

      I’m in the mountain west, USA, and every hunting season, someone walks up to a supposedly dead animal and gets hurt when it “comes to life”, so movies aren’t the only place such things happen.

      • Jason Clayton

        When i lived in Minnesota, my friend had a pet Opossum and we had like 12 funerals for it because it just kept playing opossum.

        • These feels like it should be the punch line for a joke :)

          • Delta-v

            This really happened. A hunter shot an elk that had a magnificent rack of antlers. On his way to where it lay, he decided that the antlers might be a good way to display his rifle, so he propped the elk’s head up, hung his rifle on the antlers, and stepped back to admire the effect. The elk lurched to its feet and bounded off, with the rifle still in place. He never saw elk or rifle again. How’s that for a punch line. :)

  • Hey all! Seba made another sweet wallpaper. I’m posting it over on the Patreon page again, but you don’t have to pledge to see it…because it’s so awesome it will make you want to pledge ;) http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=274511&rf=86433

  • Delta-v

    How often can we click on the contest banner and get counted? Is it just once per day, or as fast as my sneaky fingers can push buttons?

    And I’d do what Tenzin just did. I know I’m getting too involved in a game when I give a fallen enemy a few extra whacks. *blush*

    • It appears to be once per day per IP address. Probably the same mechanic as the normal voting.

      • Delta-v

        What a bunch of party poopers. :P

      • TengenMachine

        This is a bit late (didn’t notice this till now) but there IS a way to get multiple votes in:

        If you use public transit to work every day or something else that allows you to be able to use a phone and not drive, the 3G/4G connections switch ip addresses multiple times as you are traveling. If you bookmark TWC on your phone, you can probably get like four votes in during a 30 mile trip or so. If you are driving then you can at least get another vote in when you log on at your destination PLUS if your workplace/hotel/etc. has complimentary wifi then there’s another one. :)

        I’ve been doing this now for my fav comics (mostly yours of course)

        • Why thanks you very much @tengenmachine:disqus! Don’t tell anyone, but I do the same thing! And if you REALLY want to abuse that functionality, switching in and out of airplane mode resets your 3G/4G IP every time ;)

          You and @disqus_YXP2bgiR4G:disqus are probably going to get along swimmingly, btw ;) He loves TWC voting :D

          I hope to hear more from you on later pages, especially your thoughts on the comic content :D

  • Good shooting & damage effects. You were right; Tenzin would be in a seriously post-traumatic state after this. Going up against piss-pot marauders is one thing; this was professional and damned lethal.

  • BTW, he’d probably face rage and frustration, and he’d constantly go back and re-play the situation, second-guessing every decision. He would not accept that he made the best decisions at the time with the resources and knowledge he had; he’d constantly think about “I should have seen that!” and “It was so obvious, I was stupid not to notice!” and “I should have done X instead of Y”.

    This is a confidence-shattering experience, and he’d berate himself for getting “soft” fighting idiot bandits and not preparing for a real enemy– he’d blame over-confidence in the past and a lack of training & preparation. If he blamed anyone outside, it would be an intelligence failure. But he’d probably take the loss of his crew as a personal failure: lack of training and preparation; lack of leadership on his part, and lack of perception of what –only retro-actively– he thinks should have been “obvious”.

    Revenge, yes, on the people who built & deployed the damn thing; he might also wonder how many else are out there and search for records of similar incidents. He’d probably want to find any others and try to get revenge by destroying them and “saving” villages to make up for this defeat.

    • Excellent. This fits well with what I’ve been imagining Tenzin will experience. Glad to know I’m on the right track with it.

  • nightgaunt

    They will also need to take some of it back for analysis and means of countering. Otherwise you start losing Pentats left and right.

  • Yeah…yeah that’s expected here, and I wouldn’t stop him from wastin’ the ammo. Gotta vent that rage.

  • The TWC Blog link just took me to the regular TWC Top 100 list, which wasn’t expected. Does it need an update? Anyhoo, a click-thru.
    Haven’t commented since last time because of pacing. Wow! Also, pretty gut wrenching stuff.

    • Ah, yeah, they’ve had some site issues since then, the contest ended forever ago, and their blog kind of died :D

      Thanks for clicking though! :D And I’m glad that the pacing has you too hooked to comment :)

  • Citrus Reaper

    Damn. Poor old Tenzin.

  • theRoUS

    Don’t ruin the tech.. someone back home is gonna want to analyse it.