Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 12 – Not Dead Yet

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Duhn duhn duhn!

So some of you totally called this.  Hopefully that doesn’t make it lame.

Thought I’d let you know that Chapter 3 ends with page 16, and then we’ll start right up with Chapter 4, which features a couple of guest artists :)

Some of you have seen the next couple of pages via the Patreon offer, so don’t spoil anything.  I’m being very good and careful to not spoil what happens myself.  See, I just tried to write something else and had to redact it because it would have ruined it.  And again, had to redact another sentence.  You’ll like the story, even if right now you’re sad.  It won’t always be sad.

There, I think I can say that much ;)

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  • Delta-v

    I always reread before posting (sometimes with indifferent results), so since Patreon, I reread even more carefully to avoid revealing too much. It does make speculation a little dicier, but there’s still some room if I’m careful. For example, you guys have promised that Tenin will survive, at least for a while, so I feel safe in surmising that when the air cover arrives, they will call for (or possibly provide) medical evacuation for Tenzin and the girl. There’s even the possibility of finding other survivors, either among the populace or the squad.

    Also, everyone who’s been voting, thank you, and keep it up. :)

    • Amberlight

      *Still keeps his fingers crossed for Viktor*

      • Sebastián Píriz

        I have so many replies and I cant say anything!

        I have seen all the chapter 4 and we’re already planning chapter 5 to 7 :)

        • Amberlight

          Regardless of the story outcome, you should do cyborg Viktor wallpaper:P

          • Totally agree. That would be funny. Sounds like Seba is planning on it, too :D

      • What if he ends up as a brain in a jar, Futurama-style?

  • I’m prepping my bunker for all of the rage fallout I predict from the next 4 pages… hopefully after some of chapter 4 they will stop throwing rage at us :D

  • jerry mcmasters

    No one seems to get the concept of “don’t spoil anything.” Or maybe we’re being wildly thrown off track.

    • Sebastián Píriz

      We probably should just stop writing down here for a while… but its fans making comics here!! totally unprofessional in that aspect heheh

  • Oh, hell, you did not just… Okay, character shields. Character shields. Boba Fett has them. Judge Dredd has them. Ripped-shirt Kirk has them… but fat old Elvis-Kirk did not! It could be… noooo–!

    • I feel lame missing some of the references. Is a “shield” a term for something else, or do you just mean the physical shield?

      • The concept of a character shield– that certain characters, by virtue of their prominent place in a story, have “shields” that will prevent permanent harm/death. No matter how bad things got, we knew certain characters were not going to die.

        • Ah. Yeah…we don’t really have shields…I mean, I’ve got one emotionally for my characters, but even then I’m trying to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the story ;)

    • Just plug your ears and hum… “I’m not listening to you… I’m not listening to you… still not listening to you” etc.

  • Actually, I could see him surviving but so wounded he can never do field duty again. Lots of frustration in cases like that. Put a line trooper in the “head shed” where he can watch and direct but not act? Hmmmm..

    • Carina

      How about Ghost in the shell style brain in titanium box and robot body? Robocop for everyone!

      (And now I want to see a Jane Tachikoma.)

      • Had to look up a Tachikoma… I almost feel like while Jane would enjoy being able to move around, be nosy and in general bother people physically, she wouldn’t actually like that form. She’s a little too vain ;)

  • Tru’Barb

    Current. Dammit.

    “I hate waiting.” – Inigo Montoya

    • Hehe. Don’t worry we update twice a week. Also, over on our Patreon account you can pledge $5 a month and then see 2 pages into the future ;)

    • Tru’Barb, I haven’t heard from you recently :(

  • Marius Hjelseth

    Oh Tenzin. I guess the apocalypse ensured that all the invaluable reference and teaching materials that could have prevented this situation, or horror movies as we call them in our time, are lost. The fall of society sure ensures that basic survival knowledge are lost in time. Like: NEVER turn your back on a downed foe, no matter how many holes you just shot in him.

    • Minerva actually downloaded the internet before the Collapse. That’s why I can get away with referencing real life current stories sometimes. But Tenzin hasn’t cared enough to read and watch the old stories and vids.

      • Sebastián Píriz

        I cant help to think in the IT crowd with Minerva saving all the Internet

        • Hehe. Well, maybe not the ENTIRE internet. But certainly at least the worthwhile parts. Definitely wikipedia, probably copies of most movies, books, etc. The parts they felt were important enough to preserve.

          So definitely all the cat videos ;)

          • Sebastián Píriz

            Well, jokes apart, I think it is within the reallistic sci fi the hability to download all the internet. I just want a comic showing the Comitee that decides what to keep and what to loose heheh

          • Hehe that would be pretty funny. You’d have one contigent wanting to save all the porn, another wanting none of it, one group who wanted to do it all legally and another just wanting to use PirateBay for everything ;)

        • “It appears the ancients worshipped cats.”

  • Dreadogastus


    • Hehehe, pairing this with your earlier comment about breathing easier makes it more entertaining ;)

      Alas, this whole 3 chapter arc is really just leading up to the real story of dealing with what happens on the next page.

  • Or the bloody thing survived that onslaught. Should have saw that comin’

  • Henrik Svantesson

    For fuck’s sake man, you hose it down with bullets in a fit of rage, AND YOU DON’T MAKE SURE TO BREAK THE GODDAMN GUN?!