Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 13 – Override

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Okay, here’s the first of the pages Nick feared would cause an angry riot.  I, however, hope that you all will trust us that everything happening is important to the story, and that in the end you won’t be disappointed.  So please don’t throw any rocks or revolt or anything ;)

Anyways, assuming you still like us and are looking forward to how this all turns out, don’t forget to vote for us and help us win a contest :)  [Nick, I really could use some space for a little widget beneath each page to place buttons for those].  And if you just can’t handle the suspense of waiting for the next two pages, $5 Patrons get to see them 1 week early over on our Patreon ;)  Yeah, once Nick makes buttons I won’t plug those as often.


  • JustSomeGuy

    The story isn’t up to the audience… this has been a great story so far… I trust you.

    • Thanks guy! Now to convince you to make a Disqus account instead of a guest login, so that when you comment in the future you’ll see my responses to you ;)

  • Delta-v

    I agree with JusrSomeGuy. I think Nick is worrying unnecessarily because all the readers who comment here are more sophisticated and intelligent than that. I read quite a few comics and the attendant comments, and some of the commentary makes me cringe. The commenters here (well, not ME necessarily) are among the best I’ve read.

    • Sure… you say that… I’m still not hanging out with you for a week or so :D… Just in case.

      • Delta-v

        How can you say that? Haven’t I proved my even temper and calm demeanor over the past three and a half months? :)

        On a TOTALLY unrelated note, I see that you have moved about 1,000 miles closer to where I am…. :D

        • All the better to plot our future endeavors at some random Comic-Con in the near future :D

  • Amberlight

    Now I fear that Jane will die as well, as her systems inside Tenzin’s armor will be destroyed.

    • Good catch ;)

      • Amberlight

        You’r not helping.

        • Muahaha! Maniacal laugh! ;)

          But seriously, good job noticing that. I won’t say anything because the next pages will reveal all.

          • Amberlight

            My first idea at seeing blue Tenzin was that his conscience is being copied into an AI construct so he could be revived as support intelligence like Jane.
            Wait… would that mean that Jane is a construct of another squad commander who died some time ago and was saved in this manner?

          • Hehe. Interesting theory ;)

          • Amberlight

            Or, rather than making Tenzin a support AI, Minerva will put him in this murderbot’s body after it will be repaired and upgraded. And so he will become a deemon of vengeance after wich this story is named.

            [Deliberately insights wild speculations]

          • The original project and website name were Daemon Archives…. we changed for spelling ease… let that fuel your speculations :D

          • Mostly the blue Tenzin was to represent his “out of body” experience as the shock of the explosion etc. It’s a fairly well described experience in the case of explosive trauma. Some think similar neurologically to the later occurring phantom limb feelings… the brain just got scrambled and is trying to re-establish connection to the rest of the body and sometimes “fakes” the sensation.

          • Way to ruin Amberlight’s rampant speculation ;P

          • Amberlight

            I was trying to insight a speculation here, and you had to com and ruin it all!
            *sets his pet murderbots to “search and destroy” mode*

          • Sebastián Píriz

            Also, the artist would have done a cool digital effect of matrix like numbers of something if Tenzin were being digitalized


    • Jason Clayton

      This conspiracy could coexist wib mine. Tenzin needs Jane to survive just as she needs him to do the same

  • Jason Clayton

    Well based on Tenzin being what, 6’2″ and the explosion appearing to be roughly the size of his upper torso, i can guess that the explosion was roughly 4’5″^3. Compared to lets say an RPG-7 loaded with a PG-7VL grenade (explosion radius roughly four times that with 730 g of explosives),Deathbot’s 4 micro-missiles had a total of roughly 182.5g, or 45.6g of explosives each (assuming that the explosives are similar to each other). Each individual explosion could cause a concussion, internal bleeding, bruised organs, etc just from the concussion wave alone, not to mention what would happen if he didn’t have his super armor. With all this added to damage he has already sustained, I wouldn’t be surprised if h had major brain trauma and needed to go into immediate surgery.

    I know this is a large amount of kinda nerdy text, so here’s the conspiracy

    What if Tenzin’s brain was so damages that the only way to save him was to implant a chip in his brain that could perform the necessary tasks that the damaged parts used to control, like logical thinking and such. And what is the chip needed something to run it to keep up with a human mind, something like… oh I don’t know… a certain AI named Jane!

    • It’s good to see you guys all thinking about this and theorizing. I’m just gonna let you all keep at it, and then you can wait and see how it turns out. Maybe I’ll steal the best ideas ;)

      And Nick, let them theorize, and don’t go ruining anyone else’s theories :P

  • SmilingAhab

    OK, George R.R. Martin…

    But I’m more curious than angry.

    • Oh hey new comment-er! Welcome!

      George did indeed show us that it’s ok to be brutal in your portrayal of the dangers facing your characters. If there is no real danger, why worry about the characters you’re reading about? We figured it would be important to do the same for our story, which is really just beginning.

      • SmilingAhab

        It’s one of the joys of not being beholden to revenue streams – major content creators coddled protagonists for a long time because of fear that severing the emotional sunk costs of the readership in the developments of a character from archetype to prototype would alienate the base. I don’t know if it’s the changing of the generations or if severing sunk costs is less detrimental to reader loyalty than once thought, but it works. Since you’re worldbuilding, I suppose we could consider the world itself to be the “protagonist”.

        In George’s case though I never really sympathised with the Starks, because every major plot point revolves around a Stark making a series of really bad decisions.

        • Indeed. Neither Nick or I “need” to make any money off of this project since we both have other careers (assuming med-school counts as a career for me). Are main hopes are maybe making enough money to continue to pay Seba with proceeds of the project. But we just want to tell the story and have fun with it. And a big part of that for us is trying to make it as realistic a world as possible.

          I often notice in myself an attachment to my characters, and sometimes have to remind myself that they are doing dangerous things. If I remove all the risk, not only is it poor storytelling, but it takes away the impact of the characters making choices and acting the way they do.

          Funny how in writing this I refer to and think of my characters like real people, but that’s really what I’m trying to convey. Hopefully it works out.

          And I promise that not all plot points will focus around Tenzin being dumb and ignoring Jane, even if that’s what it seems like so far ;)

  • Hornet

    Ooh even in success, defeat!

  • BuilderJim

    (edit) I’ve figured out that simply voting on TWC counts for the contest- silly me. But hey, it’s a good thing I really am voting for the best darn webcomic ever, amirite?

    • That’s actually all it takes. Following that unique link adds one to The Demon Archives’ tally, and then forwards you to that blog. Thanks! Feel free to click once every day ;D

      • BuilderJim

        Oh believe me, I have been. ;)

  • Jarin

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, damnit! It would be on a cliffhanger on the day I pick up reading the comic.

    • Hehe. Sorry! If it’s any consolation, it will be resolved next week. Also, I think you also just pledged on Patreon at a level that let’s you see the next two pages, so check those out too :D

    • Hahaha… sorry (kinda) about the cliffhanger… But glad you picked up our story :D

    • Delta-v

      Get used to it. Around here cliffhangers outnumber anything else by something like 6 to 1.

      • Et tu, Brute? ;P

        But seriously, I don’t try to make cliffhangers. Maybe @sebastinpriz:disqus does, but normally we just try to plot it out based on how much fits on one page. And since we have many pages done in advance, it doesn’t feel as much like a cliffhanger to us as it must to those of you who only get 2 pages a week. Sorry about that. I’d love to do a page every day but we would run out of buffer and have to take a hiatus, and I know no one would like that.

        • Delta-v

          Where on Earth did you get the idea that cliffhangers are a bad thing? Besides, unless each post is 15-20 pages long, I don’t see how you could avoid them. Even daily posting leaves people hanging for 23 hoiurs and 30 minutes (counting reading the comments). I use the time to comment with the rest of the community.

          As for all the impatient types out there, “let them eat cake”. :D

  • jerry mcmasters

    Okay, waitaminute…He’s dead? The spirit rising out of him at the end…um, that’s a misprint, right?

    • It’s intended to convey the idea of weightlessness/out of body feeling he experienced. Not him sending forth an astral projection to go on a spirit quest in the land of his ancestors. ;)

      • jerry mcmasters

        That’s encouraging! Come baaaaack! Don’t go to the light! Don’t go to the light!

        • jerry mcmasters

          Though it would be cool it he went on a spirit quest. Just sayin’.

          • “A-koo-chee-moya. We are far from the sacred places of our grandfathers, and from the bones of our people, but perhaps there is one powerful being who will embrace this good crew and give them the answer they seek.” – Commander Chakotay, Star Trek: Voyager

          • jerry mcmasters

            “Yes, but stop mispronouncing my name.” – A koo chee moya

          • Feel free to draw him on one ;) I wonder what his spirit animal would be. According to Charlie it should probably be a toy poodle ;)

          • jerry mcmasters

            Something that flies…and is robotic?

          • And probably has Jane’s voice and personality to bother him ;)

  • Carina

    Hm, do we have one or two downed there?

    Bye bye Jane?

  • Marisa Brenizer

    This page is spectacular! Many props to Seba (as usual)!

  • …Well, that’s a lost arm.
    Gonna say that’s a lost arm.

    Incoming robo-arm.

    Yeeeeah that’s a missing arm….What? It bloody hurt!

    I’m sure I’ll find out in a moment but, kudos to you rendering it super well if that’s the case!

  • Uh oh, this doesn’t bode well. though I had my suspicions this would happen (kinda stumbled on some spoilers, lol!)

  • Otterkit

    oh now that’s just not fair….gorgeous stuff though!

    • Yeah Tenzin gets a little made at Jane for this… and other things ;)

  • Henrik Svantesson

    All I can imagine is that if he was hit there, with Jane having as deep control of the suit and situational awareness as she seems to, all four flechettes hit precisely were she wanted them to.

    That said, you wouldn’t have to do that Jane if you made sure the gun wasn’t intact, or at least not able to move and aquire targets.

    • Or rather, at the best places she could make him get hit in the notice she had.

      • Henrik Svantesson

        Or was it very important for her that he was injured exactly like that? *Dun dun dun*

        Also, what are the odds that an AI would hide a substantial portion of its processing speed and make its consciousness seem to demand more processing than it actually does, solely so that they can actually think substantially faster than their creators think they can?