Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 15 – Hold On

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So glad we’ve finally got to this page!  I feel like it answers a lot of the questions and concerns readers have been having and we’ve been trying so hard not to ruin!  Well, at least some of them ;)

Anyways, does it come across how Tenzin is moving, or do I need to clarify that?

Also, next Monday will be the last page of Chapter 3, and then we’ll be starting Chapter 4 :D

And of course, my final plug (because Nick still doesn’t have time to make the fancy buttons below the page) for TWC voting and contest voting and Patreon.  None of you suggested anybody I should patronize (patronate?), so I just picked some people I know, read and like.  You should check them out too!

  • Amberlight

    I know how he moves! Like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-t0wQ2q078

    • Sebastián Píriz

      annndddd the comics synthesis is gone :P

    • Just like that :P

  • Jason Clayton

    my inner critic has finally but free for a moment, sorry

    I was wondering what happened to her. Last we saw her, excluding the Ch. 3 title page, She was in Tenzin’s arms seeming knocked out during Ch. 2 pg. 20, then there was the fight scene in the streets and no one seemed to have her with them, Tenzin was holding her before he ran into the street, Had his rifle in the street, then had her again in the next building and that was the last we saw of her until now

    • Ah. Tenzin was shooting one handed, holding/shielding the girl in his other arm against his chest. So you couldn’t see her in the angles Seba drew.

      Like on Ch. 2 pg. 21, you can see he’s one handing the rifle, and you can’t see but he is carrying the girl. But on page 22, you can actually see the girl around the huge gun he’s one-handing (super suit helps stabilize joints and make that possible).

      And yeah, then he wraps her up and leaves her in the granary, where she stays until just now.

      Does that make sense/clarify your confusion?

      PS Never worry about letting the critic out ;)

      • Jason Clayton

        yes it does

  • Wow Seba… Tenzin looks wrecked… the details and the colors on this one are amazing.

  • …And that’s the new origin story of Samus, kids!

    • Oooh…. you can’t leave it at that… let the creative juices flow… expound :D

      • If I knew literally anything about Samus beyond “grows up to wear a suit of power armour” I might!

        My tenuous grasp on pop culture aside, this is a good, heavy page. The lettering is markedly effective.

        • Oh! A dialogue related compliment! I can take some credit for that ;)

  • Delta-v

    Oh, good. The little-girl-whose-name-has-yet-to-be-revealed is up and walking. It looks like that sedative-induced nap helped her some.

    I just knew you guys weren’t total monsters. *snickers loudly at own wit* :)

    • Just partially monsters ;P

      I couldn’t very well tell you her name and give away that she survives and is significant later, could I?

      • Delta-v

        Actually, I was just making conversation. Tenzin and Jorge just called her “The girl”, but that sounded kind of bleak to me, so I added a qualifier. As far as revealing her name, she’s been pretty much out of it since Tenzin found her, every one who knows her is probably dead, and although Jane most likely has the Arkjut census database, but she’s been a bit distracted lately… There just hasn’t been an opportunity.

        Her survival is pretty well assured unless she also goes over and pokes the Deathbot, and unless her name is Marie Curie, Marilyn Monroe, or Margaret Thatcher, it’s hard to see how knowing what it is would hint at her future. Man, you’re getting jumpy. :)

        • Hehe. It’s really hard being part of the comments conversation within spoiling things, but I wasn’t bothered at all by your comment about Lgwnhytbr (that’s a horrible acronym! I blame you) [pronounced Lug-WIN-height-burr]. Just responding in mock seriousness. Didn’t you see the ;P ? It’s both winky, and sticking it’s tongue out!

          • Delta-v

            Lgwnhytbr? That looks Welsh, and if so, is probably pronounced “Mary”. I once read an article about the language and realized when I finished that I understood less than I did before I started. If I got it wrong, just correct it, but don’t try to explain. You just can’t teach an old dog Welsh tricks. :)

            I noticed both, but I’m a sucker for a hanging curve ball of a straight line like that–call it a weakness. :D

          • Hehe. No that’s not her name. I was just turning your long description of her into an acronym/name.

        • Sebastián Píriz

          I still call her “the girl” after almost 90 pages

  • Delta-v

    How’s the TWC blog contest coming along? I got sort of messed up with the new anti-bot skill test, because it said “vote”:, and I thought the code had gotten crossed with the regular voting. I have it figured out now, but it was a real head-scratcher at first.

    • Pretty good! You can always check out the current standings here: http://topwebcomics.com/contestvoting.aspx?contestid=2

      We’re currently still in the lead, but the 2nd place comic keeps matching the number of votes we get per day, give or take a bit.

      And yeah, the new vote method is interesting. Especially because they implemented it without any explanation. The whole drag the pic over is also hard to do on a touch screen ;)

      • Delta-v

        Got it marked, and I see what you mean.

        Hey, everybody, play their silly little game and vote fot the blog contest! Honor (and free advertising) demand it! Free advertising=more readers. More readers=more regular TWC voters. More regular TWC voters=an ulcer not chewing it’s way out through my skin. (I probably shouldn’t have said that last. I can think of at least two people who would think that funny–never mind the sadism, just vote for the blog!) ;P

        • Yeah, a little bit TMI ;)

          Thanks, as always, for your unwavering support. I should name a character after you or something. Maybe one of the earlier AI models, back when Angeline was still working the kinks out on the humor/sarcasm subroutines :P

          • Delta-v

            That…sound appropriate, actually. :)

  • I still expect him to say, “Jane! Stop this crazy thing!”

  • Interesting how… emotional Jane is. I’ve been thinking about that for some time.

    • ;)

    • Sebastián Píriz

      I’m working about this right now, I didnt read a lot of what happens after the beginning of the 5th chapter and I have to say that everything unfolds perfectly .. its one of those stories that you have to read 2 or 3 times to get the full picture

  • monolithic222

    Jane’s behaviour in this chapter surprised me a little, I guess she acts less stoically than I expected. Very curious to “see” more of her. Also, I’m glad at least the girl appears to be okay.

    • Yeah, one of our big hopes with the story is to explore Jane as a non-traditional/stereotypical AI. What and how she experiences feelings, etc. So you’ll see a lot more of that being developed :D

  • It’s hard for me to tell Tenzin is moving; more like the girl wandered out to where he and Viktor lie. Tenzin *might* have gotten to his hands in the same spot, but I’m not familiar enough with the set to pick up a change in location. Have “joggle lines” gone out of artistic fashion? (Granted, not good for dramatic close-ups when they normally take in outlines.)

    • You should be able to tell that he was out in the alley, and then later back in the grain silo, to convey the movement. We definitely didn’t want “joggle lines” as his movement would be of the “Jane hijacking the suit to pull him along the ground” variety :)