Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 16 – Black Out

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Ok, this page is actually the end of Chapter 3.  Commence/continue speculation ;)

There will be a piece of intermission art on Thursday, with Chapter 4 beginning on Monday.

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Also, I wrote a blog post yesterday about our new Official/Unofficial theme song and the Webcomic Underdogs Anthology :D

  • Carina

    Is Tenzin setting up the poor girl to be a replacement goldfish for the one he lost?

    Understandable, but that’s just asking for trouble. She’s her own person!

    • Something I’m aware of even if he isn’t ;)

    • Delta-v

      In Ch. 1, P. 2, panel 4, Tenzin lists Indira as the foremost among the people he’s “failed”, and in Ch. 1, P 21, panel 1, he mistakes (briefly) the girl for Indira. He’s obviously consumed by guilt and remorse, or he wouldn’t have used the word “failed”. And, as badly injured as he is, he’s either in agony, or flying on pain meds, and not thinking all that clearly.

      • Maybe both ;)

      • On the flying on pain meds part… if you find the science article in our extras section on the body armor… there is some fun science in there about the plug suit he’s wearing and its capabilities :D

        • Delta-v

          Yeah, I read the article–really fascinating stuff–and saw the part about injury detection and medication, and extrapolated a bit.

          Strangely, I got the email notification of your reply yesterday, but the actrual comment didn’t post on my computer until today. I think Disqus doesn’t like me.

          • Yeah Disqus does that sometimes, and I don’t know why.

    • Sebastián Píriz

      At this point I think its clear that T has a troubled mind

  • Legendary Sisters

    I can almost hear the muted chopper blades.

    • Xactly what I hear when I see this page… ringing kinda muted ears… and the distant thrum of chopper blades, almost more felt than heard.

  • Jason Clayton

    What about a time-travelers wife complex kinda thing XD

  • jerry mcmasters

    Beautiful coloring as usual.

  • Delta-v

    WOO HOO! YOU HAVE AN AD ON TWC! Tenzin being himself–great! I love the humor of the animation, and I hope it was intentional. At any rate, it’s the most eye-catching thing I’ve seen posted there, and I congratulate you. :)

    • Amberlight

      About the animation – why are the shells being ejected at the far end of the gun? It looks like the actual barrel of the gun is barely a dozen inches long, beginning at the same place as the ejector. So either all that space behind tthe ejector is just a dead weight or this gun has some weird shell ejection system.

      • Ummm…let’s say equal parts Seba and I didn’t research gun functionality quite enough, and fancy weird futuristic ejection system. ;)

        • Jason Clayton

          I think that the shell ejector should probably be at least 15.5 cm father back. This would create a longer barrel resulting in increased accuracy. It would also center the weight of the gun better so that the recoil wouldn’t be as likely to make the gun fly up and out of someone’s hands.

          • Yeah, we’ll pay more attention to this in the future. At the time, we were all just excited over making a GIF ;)

          • Sebastián Píriz

            I took the image right from the cover of chapter one that I did, I never thought on the technical part of it, but I have to do a little edit on that cover so I may fix it ( it will be a needle in my brain till I fix it heheh) But I dont think I’ll fix the GIF in the near future

        • Explain it thusly: internally, the gun is a bullpup design, so must of the mechanism is above and behind the firer’s hands, so it appears short-barelled on the outside. And the bullets, are, um, hybrids: mostly caseless propellant but with a thin casing that has been found to improve performance. Sometimes, the caseless propellant is still burning or sparking on the way out, since the process is not entirely perfected yet and rushed to field service.

          Yeah, that’s it! There’s always an explanation that can be had.

      • Sebastián Píriz

        I put all my energy into learning how to do a gif animation hehe. I should have made a better research

        • Delta-v

          Don’t stress too much. The muzzle flashes and clouds of gunsmoke are awesome, and you can work on the ejection mechanism later. :)

    • It may have been intentional…what did you find humorous about it?

      • Delta-v

        Some of the ejected casings look like they’re sparking on the back projections of Tenzin’s armor.

  • Mark White

    I just binge read the first 3 chapters………..I’m hooked! Love the art, the pacing and the story! Rock on!

    • Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. We hope to hear from you more often as more pages come out. We’re starting to get a nice little group of regular commenters around here. They may be odd, but they’re pretty nice ;)

      Where did you find/hear about us, btw?

      • Mark White

        TWC….of course

        • Oh sweet. Guess either our new ad over there must be working, or just being in the Top 100. Either way, glad to have you over here :D

          • Jason Clayton

            The new ad was the first thing i saw when i opened TWC this morning

          • Oh good :D As far as I can tell it’s been bringing in a decent amount of traffic, faulty ejection mechanism and all ;)

          • Jason Clayton

            I wouldn’t say “faulty,” just…different ;P

      • Mark White

        side note: have you read: http://marksmen.keenspot.com/ ? It’s another post-apocalypse webcomic

        • I haven’t read their whole archive, because I started reading a big chunk of it once, and then when I took a break, there was no way to go back to where I had stopped, and I didn’t want to start over.

          I liked what I was reading though. A similar story and worldview as a lot of our stuff. Their story could fit very well into the world of The Demon Archives.

    • Nice to meet you… we’re looking forward to indulging your comic binging requirements for the foreseeable future.

  • BanditDragoon

    I too just discovered the comic and im totally excited to see what happens next ouo. I’m very big on inter-species communication and interaction ouo. i found the comic by browsing Comic Rocket. looking forward to more updates ;3

    • Welcome! I love getting new readers and commenters. I learn a lot from all of your different thoughts. If you include AIs and deathbots as different species, then we’ll definitely be having some inter-species communication ;)

      • BanditDragoon

        indeed especially if the robots get some personality quirks like the AI owo. lookin forward to it ^.-.^

        • What’s a good deathbot robot without a little bit of AI involved?

  • Izumi Ryu

    Need to keep this point bookmarked. Damn good series so far. Too bad he had to lose his whole unit to face his fears again.

    • Thanks @izumiryu:disqus! I’ve appreciated your comments so far. There are ~40 pages currently up for your enjoyment when you have time :D Or maybe the next time I take in turn in the Underdogs game thread ;)

  • Ouch, well enough comment spam from me, now I go off to eat….What? Blood n’ guts never phased me :B

    But seriously, nice so far! You said someone complained about pacing? Ask them if they know Willas and what he’s talkin’ about. It was nicely built, badass squad, confident, kitted out and then they get flattened by something they couldn’t have seen coming. It’s a good way of showing a power struggle or the strength of one group being negated by another factor. Like in Aliens, badass marines with state of the art tech etc being killed by a feral monstrous alien force that no one has ever seen before.

    • Exactly! Well put! I’m glad that got across to you, because that was my intent. Not that you should doubt that the Keleres were actually an effective squad to begin with :)

      • Of course not, the key spoiler of that is “They are still alive in this crappy hostile, death filled world” and that’s more than many others could say I’d imagine.
        Really I don’t imagine staying alive in a post-apocalypse world being any kind of easy, even with civilization returning, these are the poor SoB’s being sent out to deal with jerks, scum and also scum and jerks.

        • NickDA

          There is a cool book series (went way to long zzz) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safehold that kinda talked about a similar concept, when technological leaps put competing factions into truly disparate realms, the epic best of the lower technological tier will get the piss beat out of em.

  • smurfton

    Speculation because I’m not seeing it:

    The comic thus far was not what actually happened; the girl died irl. Otherwise it may as well match up with reality.
    Probably not true, but w/e.