Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 3 – Lock Down

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Happy Monday all!

A new week means a new page!  Some of you were making guesses about how Tenzin would or should react to Viktor and Jane’s rebuttal of his plan.  Well, were you right?

Over the weekend I made a Characters page, if you’d like to check it out.  I think it looks nice.

Also, funny thing, TopWebComics.com is a little broken since yesterday.  So you probably won’t be able to vote until it gets fixed.  It also means that our # of New Visitors tanked overnight ;(

Anyways, enjoy, and as always, let us know your thoughts!

  • Jason Clayton

    Oh snap, no she din’t!

  • Delta-v

    See? See? I didn’t get everything right! I didn’t hack your computers using a rootkit I found on a hacker site. I’m, um…innocent, that’s it, innocent. :)

    • Anything you got right hopefully was because you are starting to understand the characters, how they think and act, and not because my writing is predictable ;P

      And that sounds scary. Um…AVG free, defend me!

      • Jason Clayton

        um…wasn’t AVG just hacked back in October?

        • Oh the irony. How about Symantec? It even has a picture of a shield, so you know it’s good.

          • Jason Clayton

            …. They were hacked around early Jan 2012

          • …Curses. Are there any that haven’t?

          • Jason Clayton

            I think most have been hacked before, so most likely no

            They are (mostly) good at stopping virus’, but that has nothing say for how well they are at stopping hackers

          • Darn. Well I guess there really is nothing keeping @disqus_YXP2bgiR4G:disqus from hacking my computer and getting the story. Except common decency! ;)

          • Jason Clayton

            lol, and the fear of spoilers

          • Delta-v

            Um, no, I get chided a lot for speculating too much. :(

            Now, the fear of getting yelled at for REVEALING spoilers, however…

          • I’m sorry if you feel chided! I only ever intended to chide when you commented semi-spoilery things on earlier pages, because I don’t want things to be ruined for new readers. Speculate away on current pages!

          • Delta-v

            Exaggeration for effect. If I really felt “chided”, I would have used an entirely different phrase. ;)

            And, yeah, I understand and agree. I really didn’t think before I commented, back then.

      • Delta-v

        It’s a combination of observing the characters and the fact that you write in a manner consistent with the world you guys have created. Your characters react as humans (and human analogs) do. And even then, I missed the glaring fact that if Tenzin got blown up, Jane would be also.

        TWC was back online for a while this morning, and I got to vote. I’m hoping that they reset and reopen the voting when they come back online again–in fact I’m hoping they do it five or six more times today. :D

        • Oh good. Do let us know if the realism gets too boring. Then I’ll write in some crazy unpredictable character. Except that Tenzin would probably just shoot him/her.

          • Delta-v

            BORING? Not the least little bit! Boring would be,”Tenzin shoots everything that moves every time without thinking about it and gets away with it with no repercussions”. That’s an old-style FPS video game, not a top quality comic…although… Jane does a pretty good job of being off-beat in non-combat situations…and I like her dialog then a lot…perhaps you have already done just that.

          • And while Tenzin may complain about Jane, he can’t shoot her ;)

    • Hahaha… sneaky sneaky Delta-v… but yeah, in reality it either means that this is to predictable (ie blah blah done before blah blah)… or that we’ve succeeded in making real characters who make human type decisions.

  • Delta-v

    TWC is up and running again. They didn’t reset again, dang it, but everyone vote quickly before they shut down again!

    • Delta-v

      Aaaand now they’re down again. Apparently they are going to be up and down several times, all right, but they aren’t going to reset the voting. Keep checking and vote when you get a chance. Demon Archives is sliding downhill pretty quickly from this. >:(

      • Well, there is also always next month :) We’ve gotten a lot of new readers and traffic from TWC this month (like up to 10x as much in a given day), and I’m pretty confident we can stay in the top 100 (if we remember/you remind us to vote) in the future. I just planned out Chapter 7 for Seba to start thinking about, so we’re here for the long haul :)

        • Delta-v

          DA has gone from the mid 50’s to the mid 80’s, so we’re not out yet, and surely TWC will get it’s fecal matter together eventually, but just like you like buffers, I like buffers–different buffers, same reason. So, no, I haven’t given up yet. You know me, I still have some ideas to try. And if that statement doesn’t make you nervous, perhaps you don’t know my that well, after all. :D

          Watch this space. :)

          • I feel like I should be a little afraid. And confused. What am I watching, exactly?

          • Delta-v

            I’ll show you tomorrow. :) (Ha, CLIFFHANGER!) :D

          • Sebastián Píriz

            ohh you’re enjoing it. that’s called revenge!

          • Delta-v

            Naah, it’s called weird sense of humor. I just want it on top where the most people can see it when the most people are looking. What would be the point of hiding it from the victi…er, customers?

  • Carina

    I’m really glad Jane can make decisions against Tenzin and actually CAN interact with her environment, even if it’s just Tenzin suits.

    She’s been a bit of a snarky Siri so far.

    • Yup yup. She actually based a large chunk of her personality and even named herself after the Jane from the Ender’s Game series, if you’re familiar with it.

  • Delta-v

    Unfortunately, Demon Archives is still slipping in the Top Web Comic voting (Rank #88, as I write this) I’ve tried everything else to encourage voting, but I haven’t tried this–until now.

    *In a soothing voice*
    Look into the text, deeply, deeeply. You feel yourself floating, flooooatiiing. You feel calm and relaxed, If you like Demon Archives, but have trouble remembering to vote, this will help you. Voote, voooote, vooote eeeeveeery daaaayyy. Youuu wiiill feeeel haaapieeer when you dooo, and a feeliiing of saatisfaaaction willll come ooover yoooou. Yooou willll feeeel waaarm, waaarm and haaappy. When you reach the end of the paragraph, you will have a desire to vote, but won’t remember having read this. Three, Two. One. End

    • Voted… can confirm made me warm and happy… may have been the hot cocoa though, must retest to confirm.

      • Delta-v

        Why take the chance. Always do both. :)

    • BlowsUs

      +1 would be hypnotized again

      • Delta-v

        Just read any comment of mine that you don’t remember reading before. That should work, eventually. :)

        • Jason Clayton

          now we just need Morgan Freeman to narrorate that and it would be perfect

          • Delta-v

            That would be great, but…you ask him, I’m too shy.

          • Jason Clayton

            He agreed to be in the new LEGOs movie and read “What does the Fox Say”. He might actually say it

          • Delta-v

            Um, I think they actually PAID him for that…

          • Jason Clayton

            details, details, details

    • Demetri Ermak

      Instructions unclear, ended up with *hilarious object* in my *unknown orifice*

  • Delta-v

    “It’s quiet–too quiet.”–Nearly every war movie I’ve ever seen.

    A flurry of votes yesterday afternoon sent Demon Archives up to Rank #82, but since the voting reset, it’s dropped back to #88 again with only 20 votes cast so far today. Being this high on the mountain is great, but the higher you climb, the fiercer the headwinds, and the more energy it takes just to stand still, let alone advance. I had a seemingly impossible goal of seeing the great new Webcomic I had been told of, and really liked when I read it, of seeing it someday rise to the TWC Top 100, where I felt it belonged. Don Quixote rides again.

    This was only two months ago, and now here it is. It’s here because a bunch of wonderful folks–you–voted enough to put it here. But this is the rub: Unless you, or someone very much like you keep voting, DA can’t stay here. If you were needed yesterday, and you were, you’re still needed today, and you will be needed tomorrow. Literally every day.

    I know I’m asking a lot, but I’ve seen–you’ve seen–the difference you’ve made, and all you new folks who would never even have heard of DA if it hadn’t been where it is. So, that’s why I ask, and quite often, at that, for you to please keep voting. To me, it’s worth it, and I hope it is to you, too.

    • Jason Clayton

      *slow claps*

  • Neil Kapit

    So is Jane truly sentient, or is she just programmed to act in Tenzin’s best interests, disobeying orders from him that she knows aren’t rational?

    • The first question touches on the big questions we want to discuss throughout the comic, so I’ll pass on that. The second one is a definite yes though, although potentially minus the “just” ;)

  • Now we can see why Jane is a prototype; there are some serious downsides to this. An AI that gets too attached can seriously restrict a guy’s ability to act…

    • It is certainly a balance that they are working on back at Glaucus R&D to perfect. I might argue that Jane is pretty darn close to perfect, but that’s just because I’m biased ;)

  • Legendary Sisters

    Jane you ignorant…

  • Gillsing

    You know how I mentioned that if there was something I really needed to say, I’d turn on the javascripts to do so? Well, it looks like there’s a typo in this page, and surely that cannot stand? In the first panel, in Jane’s third word balloon, it says “Vitkor” instead of “Viktor”.

    Also, the title text for the very first page says “Minvera” instead of “Minerva”, but since that’s not on an actual comic page image, it doesn’t really matter as much since it wouldn’t end up in print. But still, it’s a title, so maybe you’d want to fix that one anyway?

    Good comic so far. I like post-apocalyptic settings and this one is no exception. The art looks great, I like the choice of colours, and the story seems promising. I’ll be back for more when my busy comic-reading and browser-gaming schedule allows, and meanwhile I’ll be voting on TWC pretty much every day. I didn’t see “My Life at War” among your links, so maybe that’s a webcomic you’d like to check out? They’ve got some clunky power-armours over there.

    • Gah! I can’t believe we missed those! Great catch. I’ll have to fix those, with @sebastinpriz:disqus’s help, of course.

      And I haven’t heard of/read your comic yet. I’ll have to take a look. Thanks for the votes and the feedback. Hopefully we can figure out the javascript problem eventually :D

  • Ohh…that’s …not gonna go over well later. That is noooot okay, she’s first in line for whatever rage comes out of this.

  • Citrus Reaper

    Uh-Oh. Jane’s gonna feel this one later.

  • theRoUS

    Again, left-to-right downward reading pattern disrupted by bubble placement..

    How does one kick a virtual backside, anyway?