Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 9 – My Captain?

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Happy Thursday, everyone!

In case you didn’t see my post about it already, we got another review!  It’s a little long, has more of a humorous tone, and points out some problems we noticed about the comic early on and have been trying to improve.  Please leave us your thoughts on the critique and some questions I had in regards to it over on that post.

Also, March is fast approaching.  A new month means a new chance to try for a higher rank on TopWebComics.com, which means more readers, and maybe someday more money for us to pay Seba with :)  So if you like us and can click a couple of links, click on over and vote for us.  You can vote for every comic once per day per IP address.  I’m bugging Nick about making a button for each comic page to make it easy for those of you who’d like to vote.  For now, I’ll probably just bother you about it in these author notes ;)

Another fun fact, reader Jason Clayton is working in one of his classes to make a 3D printed model of Tenzin and the Deathbot!  Nifty!  And Nate the Robot studied (of all things) electrical engineering/robotics in school, so I can run robot and AI ideas by him, just like Amberlight can check my Russian ;)  Anyone else have any fun skills or anything they want to bring to the table?  I’ll give you Minerva Credits (redeemable for cred, maybe even some swag)  :D

And lastly, I’m reaffirming my decision to not spoil how things go down.  I really can neither confirm or deny anything, because it would ruin what we are trying to make you feel and experience as you read the comic.  Sorry!

  • Nate the Robot

    Just remember, being a robot doesn’t make you an expert on robotics any more than being a human makes you an expert on anatomy! =)

    • Delta-v

      Wait, you mean you don’t you carry an emergency kit of fuses and assorted screws and tools? O.o

      • Nate the Robot

        Thank you very much, but let’s leave my bedroom out of this!

  • Jason Clayton

    Oh, the joys of having a Lap top, i get to wake up and use it in bed instead of having to actually get up and go to my computer

    If that is a shot to the eye, if it was shallow enough, he could potentially live, kinda like Phineas Gage (1823~1860) did. With Minerva’s advanced tech, Viktors likelihood of survival is even greater than Gage’s was, assuming he hasn’t lost too much blood already.

  • Also, 500 MCs to whoever figures out the Russian in this page ;)

    • Jason Clayton

      Did you kill that monster

      • A winner :) Man, Jason, you’re just getting all the MCs! ;)

        • Jason Clayton

          Soon i might be Minerva’s first Millionaire!

          2,250 down, 997,750 to go ;P

          • Amberlight

            If Viktor survives, I’ll beat you to this:P

          • Very true, as I would utilize your Russian skills extensively. IF ;P

          • Amberlight

            Well, he seems lively enough for someone who was just hit by 3 microrockets, and Minerva air support is arriving in minutes, so I’m looking forward to see a badass russian cyborg soldier.

          • Hehe. Now I want Seba to draw a Terminator-esque Viktor. “I’ll Be Back!”

          • sebasp

            it’s hard to comment without giving hints to what’s gonna happen :P

          • Jason Clayton

            If you look, he was hit by three directly, and was definitely within the blast radius of a fourth and looks fine (relatively speaking)
            Translation: Viktor=Serious Bad***

          • Jason Clayton

            Maybe, but you have to remember, I am producing a limited edition, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted figurine

          • That will indeed earn you a lot of MCs. Several thousand, at least ;) Even more if you send me one :D

          • Jason Clayton

            T’was the plan ;P

          • Amberlight

            If you publish the 3D model of it, I can make one too:P

  • Delta-v

    Well, here we go again. If we voters can present a large bloc of votes today, tomorrow, and the day after that, it ought to put Demon Archives into a very high rank, indeed. At the very least, it should get DA away from the raggedy edge of anonymity.

    I know you like the comic, because you’re reading it, so why not share it by putting it up high enough for others ti find? That requires a vote–your vote–along with everyone else..Keep your eyes open also for the possibility of voting more than once per day during the end-of-the-month confusion. :)

    • Jason Clayton

      as of posting this, Demon Archives is at 88, which is much better than the 95 that it was at last i checked

      • Amberlight

        As posting this, DA is on 17th place. The heck?! Well, I’m definetly glad that it is so, but how the hell could it happen?

        • It’s a new month, so with relatively fewer votes on day 1 of March, we move much higher on the list. Yay for visibility! And for people voting from multiple IP addresses :D

          • I’ve already thrown votes to you, Doodling Around, and Traces of Chaos. Sometimes I throw a vote to Battlecroc, too. Naturally, I wouldn’t mind some votes for BOHICA Blues, but folks aren’t obligated.
            Maybe we can stack the first page with Underdogs!

          • Amberlight

            Or may be we should push Drowtales up and remind the people about this 13-years-old-and-still-actively-going project.
            [Well, since we’r going to speak about other comics in the Top, why not dvertise my favorite..:P]

          • Perfectly legit! If we’re motivated enough to help each other out, then there’s no reason why that shouldn’t come with rewards…

            …annnd there we go. 1 vote for Drowtales.

          • Amberlight

            You can go and read it, not just vote for it:P

            On the account of votes: do you have a popularity tracker of some sort? Visitors per day or something like that? I’d be curious to see how the place in the rating affects it.

          • The stats they give us are: current month’s total votes, all time vote total, visitors sent to our comic this month and all time. This month, so today, we’ve had 24 different people come visit our webcomic from the site, 1519 people in total. That’s pretty close to what I’ve been seeing from google analytics too. This is a huge increase since before February, when we were very low in the ranks. February marked us getting in to the top 100, after which we started getting lots and lots of visits.

            So yeah, being in the top 100 gets you lots of visits, because so few people click to view the second page.

          • Amberlight

            Wait, there IS a second page?..

            Seriously, though, It’d be curious to make a chart of place in Top 100 to visitors per day ratio. Because I, well, like to study things.

          • From my personal, anecdotal experience, where you are in the top 100 doesn’t matter as much as being in the top 100. There is a huge difference between being number 100 and being on the front page and being number 101 on the second. The difference between ranks within the top 100 is almost negligible by comparison, especially since now every comic’s banner shows up, and not just the top 5 or 10 comics like it used to be.

          • I’ll check it out; I’m catching up on a bunch of webcomics today. But trust me, as a long time fan of Fantasy, you don’t have to sell me on Drow stuff! ;-)

          • Delta-v

            Done. Is there anyone else you like?

          • Amberlight

            There are a few, but they are well in the Top 100, so I won’t be swaying your hearts:P

          • Delta-v

            Hey, I don’t mind buying your vote with mine. I have no shame. :D

          • Delta-v

            Did it. :)

        • Delta-v

          That’s why I beg for votes. :) Also, you can vote once per day per IP address, so if you have a home computer, a computer at work or school, and a fancy-schmancy smartphone, you can vote once per day per device. I call that an influence multiplier. :)

          I’ve also been told that if you wander from hot spot to hot spot with the smartphone or a laptop, you can vote even more. All perfectly legal, and within the TWC rules. So while I would NEVER suggest that someone run around ALL DAY looking for hot spots just to vote for Demon Archives… :D

    • And I have a new incentive up again. Might even add a new one tomorrow.

      • sebasp

        I liked this version of the armor

        • Hehe. Well, the future design of Tenzin’s armor is in your hands ;)

          • sebasp


            I bet no one here has any clue of what’s coming for chapter 4

  • mcmasters

    I have fun skills!!! Oh, you mean in some way related to the webcomic…oh damn. Anyway, to the point: Love the images of Viktor. The brutality that has been inflicted on him is so carefully realized- the shards of face shield and the flows of blood- kudos on the art. “My captain?”…an allusion to the poem? If not, still very appropriate.

    • I totally am an amazing writer and allude to all the epic poems!….Or at least I should have been. I somehow keep getting lucky on those things ;)

      And I’m sure you have some sort of skill set/knowledge/expertise that I don’t that could be helpful. If nothing else you can doodle better than I can. I’ll pay you 1000 MCs for a doodle of Tenzin trying to scratch an itch while in his armor ;)

      And yeah, Seba did amazing with this. The best part is that he comes up with so much of that sort of thing (most of it really) by himself.

      • mcmasters

        HA! You’re on. “Tenzin trying to scratch himself while in armor” on the to-draw list.

  • Nice. The glass shards carved into his skin is a nice, gory touch.

  • Delta-v

    For two glorious minutes and thirty-four wonderful seconds this morning (EARLY, this morning), Demon Archives sat at Rank #8 on TWC. Then some jerk voted for something else and dropped it to #20. :( I didn’t expect such a rarefied position to last, because that would take 200-300 votes per day, at least, but D*MN, it looked so good for as long as it did last! As I write this, DA is sitting at #17 with 60 votes, which is still incredibly good.

    Amberlight is quite correct, that the best thing would be to have hundreds, if not thousands of readers, and let people who want to vote if they choose to. The problem is, Demon Archives hasn’t been around long enough to for that many people to have seen it’s name, let alone read it’s content. The current situation is therefore somewhat artificial, because the normal voting percentage is roughly 5-15% of readership, or around twice the number of commenters. Daniel hasn’t shared the readership numbers with me, mostly because it’s none of my business, but I’m willing to bet it’s nowhere near the 1,200 per day it would take to generate that many votes naturally.

    So by voting at a far higher rate than normal, we’re presenting a skewed picture of DA. Is this cheating? I don’t think so, but if it is, in the words of one of my favorite authors, “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying hard enough.” :D

    • Yeah, our current average number of daily unique visitors (according to google) is about 100, which I think is awesome, especially since it used to about 20. However, weekly unique visitors is about 400 (used to be 80), and monthly uniques is about 1500 (used to be 300). So while we don’t have 1200 readers a day, I think we’re making progress to have a lot of readers. And having 100 of them check on the page each day is pretty awesome.

      So yeah, today we’re probably artificially ahead a bit since it’s the first of the month and a new voting season. We’ll probably drop down in the vote rankings again, but that’s ok. If March is anything like April, being in the top 100 at TWC will bring us 700 new unique visitors. :D

      • Delta-v

        Yike! I wasn’t fishing! I thought that information was proprietary, and I was just pointing out WHY I push so hard for as many as possible to vote as often as possible. DA is shouldering aside bigger comics with lazier readers, because we voters are voting at such a high percentage. But that also means that about 40 readers haven’t voted. So to those readers I say, (Big puppy-dog eyes /O.O) “Please?”

        • Hehe. You just gave me a good opportunity to boast is all ;) It’s pretty surreal to have people reading and enjoying something I helped create :D

  • nightgaunt

    To bad the battle suits don’t have medical capacity.

  • Citrus Reaper

    And that, my friends, is why fishbowls still haven’t replaced good old helmets in the militaries of today.
    Anyways, though. This page is glorious.