May 2014

Chapter 4: Page 14 – The Gates

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It’s Thursday, and that means a new page.  Hopefully those of you who “couldn’t wait”, managed to make it ;)

Nico continues to shine here, as we say a variety of weaponry from old rifles to sweet kung-fu weapons (I don’t know anything about them, apparently).

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  • If you’d like to see the initial sketches Matias made of this sequence before he had to pass it off to Nico to do, I’m posting all 4 pages up on our Patreon for Patrons of any level to view: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=467018&rf=86433

  • Bryan Raines

    This page is a clinic on how to elicit emotion through backgrounds. The first panel shows a lot of turmoil and anxiety with the wild brush strokes and the coloring.

    Imagine the third panel without the beams on the ceiling converging towards the door. It wouldn’t be nearly as dynamic and you wouldn’t give a damn about what is behind the door. Those beams draw your attention to the door and create an uneasy feeling while doing it.

    You guys are doing a great job!

  • Jason Clayton

    there’s “my” Easter egg! The second and fourth panel were in his Facebook gallery “sketches”

    • Oh, good job! There is still a much, much larger easter egg/spoiler to be found. A hint: this isn’t the only sequence Nico did for us.

  • Legendary Sisters

    So much for the doors.

  • So now the monks need to take note: “if we survive this, we should specifically have a ‘tank alarm’ as well as just a regular ‘alarm’.”

    • Hehehehe. This one got an actual chuckle out of me, but it’s so true! In case of tank-al assault, hiding in the building…not as effective as otherwise.

  • Adriano #WR

    This is going to be interesting :)

  • Great explosion right there!