Jun 2014

Chapter 4: Page 21 – Red Petals

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And with this page, we close up the 2nd flashback sequence of Chapter 4.  Great job, Nico.  Only 5 more to go (Chapter 4 is going to be REALLY long.  Like 75 pages), so keep paying attention ;)  The next one is by Seba in a slightly different style, which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

Let’s see, what did you miss since last Thursday?  We got a little fan-art avatar/sketch of Jane, I posted the sketches Nico made for last week’s pages.  Ooh I made another MS Paint fan art masterpiece :D

And if you are reading this far, do me a favor and comment below to let us know what you thought of the past two sequences.  And then click here and go vote for us on TWC to help us stay in the top 100 :D

  • Wow, very well done. Right down to the bloody flower petal. Nice.

    • Delta-v

      That’s pretty high praise, Coyote, especially so since it’s coming from someone who knows.

      And thanks for your service.

  • Jason Clayton

    Bravo, love the emotion

  • Michael Clayton

    Opis decoris

  • NickDA

    PS… its just the end of this sequence… just in case anyone was crying at how abruptly this all ended :D

  • Mark White

    man! It’s dusty in here, something in my eye….

    • I know, right? Their hands reaching out to each other… *removes dust from own eye*.

  • RIP, badass spear monk. He saved Tenzin’s life twice in just as many pages. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten =(

    • T4h3r

      Spear monk is freaking hardcore

  • Nico Leon

    Thank you all very much for your nice comments on the pages!! I’m very glad you liked them! I loved the shovel attributes discussion, lol. And I’m very glad that you care for Indmira too, it was my main secret mission for this nightmare! :D

    The following Seba’s nightmares are kickass!!


  • Deja vu…

  • Marisa Brenizer

    The last three panels…very impactful.

    As dramatic as this page is, I can’t help but giggle a bit – “Live, Tenzin!” *collapses and puts full body weight on poor Tenzin*

    • NickDA

      The possible passing out of Tenzin, and the weight on his wound keeping him from bleeding out… prolly the only thing that allowed him to pass off as dead when the raiders made a sweep through…

  • An other set of pages with goot emotional impact. Well done!

  • Citrus Reaper


    • A little bit of Shepard/Mal reference/vibe ;)

  • Adriano

    Panel 2: do it like a Bene Gesserit, lol