Jun 2014

Chapter 4: Page 22 – Interlude 2

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Have a new page.  Can you tell who’s talking?  The next sequence, by Seba this time, will start posting on Monday.

In the mean time, make sure you check out the interview I posted yesterday with Josh Conner, the awesome guy who worked on the collab short story The Undying Voice with us.

We’re also looking for readers who speak languages other than English who are interested in helping us make translations of the pages into your native languages.  If you are, comment below or email me: dan at demonarchives dot com.

And finally, as always, if you would take 10 seconds and vote for us, it would be excellent.


  • Jason Clayton

    my guess is Jane

    • Jane and…?

      • Amberlight

        And professor Angeline Bellami.

        • Good job you two :D

          • Jason Clayton

            Yay, teamwork!!!

  • Ydo Ucare

    I still think the blurry text is weird. I think I get what you’re going for, but it still throws me off. It makes me want to read the dialog with strange emphases.

    “At least use some of your !!!SPARE TIME!!! to do some of those tests I sent you.”

    • Angeline is prone to fits of yelling and rage, so that suits her decently well ;)

    • NickDA

      We’ll be updating the new website so that it has a way to see the text as a “script” format… so for pages like this it would be nice

  • Amberlight

    Speaking of Angeline, she is rather young to be a Professor. Is it a common cliche of hot scientist girl, or there is more to it, like her having a story similar to Tenzin’s in a way, but instead of dedicating herself to hunting bandits she went for science? Or is she just older than she looks?

    • A little bit of each. She is in her early 30s (see the characters page: http://demonarchives.com/about/characters/), she is very dedicated to science (following in parents footsteps a bit), and also the educational process and system in Glaucus allows for rapid advancement of the extremely skilled and gifted.

      My main goal with her is to not make her cliche at all, and certainly not just a “hot scientist girl”, but rather just herself. We’ll be learning a lot more about her and her motivations and etc in the coming chapters.

      • Amberlight

        404 page not found.

    • NickDA

      Yeah, Minerva and Glaucus as a whole have reverted to a more apprentice/journeyman/master kind of education system, and much of it is family based. So for example Angeline “could” have had parents who were also scientists and she quite literally “could” have been following her parents around her entire life working with them…

      The advantage there in depth of knowledge versus our modern education system (which is designed to keep youth out of the job market for as long as possible as a form of glorified daycare) is immense in what she would know and be able to do in her chosen field. Plus they have AI’s… so data lookup of google times a million :D

  • Delta-v

    Jane doesn’t seem to be acting particularly obesquiously toward her creator (mind of her own, and all that), and I like that. There’s an AI I’d like to meet. :)

    I was just over on TWC, and apparently they’ve changed the daily reset time back to afternoon. As I write this it’s just after 3:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (US), and TWC informs me that I can vote again in three hours. If you’re planning to vote later today, you might miss the deadline entirely. In fact, that may be why our daily vote average has dropped to 25.

    Please vote quickly before time runs out. :(

    • Also, it means you can probably vote twice today ;)

      And I try to make Jane as authentic as possible. She can’t be sentient if she doesn’t have a mind of her own. It’s kind of part of the definition ;)

      • Delta-v

        Oh, I did. It also looks like several others did, too. Since I didn’t have a lot of forewarning myself, I doubt that my hysterical plea fell on many ears. I’m hoping that means that other voters are also paying attention to the vagaries over at TWC, and voted on their own. :)

        Sentience: “Free Will vs Determinism”, eh? (Or as I prefer to put it “Full Frontal Snark” vs “Circumspection”) However all that works out, I like her the way she is. :D

        • Sheela

          The best AI’s are the ones capable of both understanding emotion and being able to feel it.
          Once they understand when there’s a need to break the rules and when not to, they become the better for it.
          Also, they should be capable of cheating at chess.

          • Very true, and thanks for commenting! I always love seeing a new commenter down here :D

            And you’ve hit some of Angeline and Jane’s future conversations on the head ;)

          • Delta-v

            The old TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation spent a lot of time delving into the concept of AI emotions with the android Commander Data, and depending on the screenwriter du jour, actually made some Interesting arguments. The whole concept of sentient AIs has been extensively explored from Asimov’s “Three Laws” to, well, Deathbot, but there’s still plenty of room for discussion.

            Yes, I know that Jane is a construct of Dan and Nick’s fertile imaginations, but my opinion of her is: Sentient AIs, <3. Snark, <3. Therefore Jane, <3<3.

            And welcome to our happy collection of characters. I bet you'll fit right in. :)

          • Jane can also totally handle contractions (the grammatical type), unlike Data ;)

          • Delta-v

            I think they were trying to make him sound more machine-like, but all they did was make him sound like a dork. :D

  • Jason Clayton

    Well, since i have hurt my leg and cant put much weight on it, It looks like some progress will be made on the sketch up model. i guess that there’s a silver lining in every story

    • Um…yay? No, well, kind of. ;)

      • Jason Clayton

        It doesn’t hurt when i don’t have any weight in it so don’t worry, I should be back to normal by tomorrow, until then, I’ll just sit around working on stuff, mainly the sketch up model,mabye get a little bit ahead in class, but mostly sketch up

        • The doctor in training in me has like a million questions you’d probably not answer via comment section ;)

          Regardless, get better, and I look forward to seeing more WIP updates :D

          • Jason Clayton

            well i think i figured out how to show you what I’m doing (kinda to “cramped” inside the armor to get a descent snapshot). The green line shows roughly where the body cover needs to reach in order to render as a solid object

          • Amberlight

            Man, you do realize that the level of detail is a bit over the top for a figurine?:P

          • Jason Clayton

            Seba did a good just b making the files, all I have ever added were patches to fill gaps

          • Sebastián Píriz

            uh, I never did 3d printing, you have a problem with empty spaces inside the armor? I learned by myself to do it just for comics so theres lots of things that I change later on the page

          • Yeah, the model won’t print with the empty space, so he has to fill it in, like you do on the page when you use the model, and have to add the extra stuff not in the model :)

          • Jason Clayton

            No problem, it wouldn’t be as much fun if I didn’t get to learn how to use all the tools.
            As a four year art student in high school, I completely understand why you did what you did (and didn’t). I can tell why you stopped where you did and enjoy imagining your creative process.

  • Delta-v

    And now TWC is back to their previous schedule. I used to think they made decisions as a committee, but no committee is THAT feckless. My new opinion is that it’s more like a free-for-all war zone, with people sneaking into each other’s cubicles, messing with stuff, and then running away, laughing. It’s the only scenario that fits all the head-scratchy things they do over there. I guess the take-away is: Check frequently, and don’t turn your back on them. Also, try to vote often. Depending on who’s winning you may slip in an extra vote. :)