Nov 2014

Chapter 4: Page 67 – Eh, Droogan?

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Man, when Seba first showed me this page, and we decided on the dialogue…shivers.  And probably as close to crying as I normally get.  It’s just a very powerful page to me.

But THEN, he showed me the NEXT page, which is even more powerful/trippy, if you believe it.  You can either wait until Monday, or be a $2 or more patron on our Patreon and see every page a week early ;)

Also, TWC has had a voting error this whole month I believe that basically allows you to vote as often as you want.  So…vote as much as you want, I guess.  I’ve told them about this error several times and they haven’t fixed it yet, so I don’t even feel bad.  Vote a million times if you wish, or just once :)

  • Those eyes. D:

    • I know right? @sebastinpriz:disqus did a great job with them. They convey such depth of meaning and emotion… Well, to me at least ;)

  • Adriano #WR

    Three last panels = ABSOLUTE. HORROR.

    The time’s right for such things, with Halloween and Autumn ^^

    This page makes me feel like… Deads are rising, mwahahahahahah >:D

    “You fight well, droogan.” => Chap 4 p 44

    • It only gets better (ie, more horrific) from here ;)

      • Adriano #WR

        Aw yeah !
        I hope it’s going to be something like Kiseijuu ^3^

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    And here we see that Viktor is actually a Terminator cyborg.
    He is calculating how many bricks he would need to throw at force “x” to take down everything in his path.
    He is solving for “x” as the answer on “how many bricks” is “all the bricks”, and that was the real reason Arkjut was leveled.

  • Sebastian Grey

    Ah dear baby jaysus! I haven’t seen anything that made me cringe like that since… well, ever! Eh, droogan? Is gonna haunt my dreams tonight.

    • Well if you can’t sleep, you can always plan some actions for Team Minerva over in the game ;)

      • Adriano #WR

        Yep, let’s beat Minerva :p

        • Nah, Sebastian is coordinating the defense!

          • Adriano #WR

            He is no match for the Turkmen ! Ahah xD

          • Sebastian Grey

            Yeesh, don’t make it sound like I’m some sort of game winner. I play mean, I play dirty, but I play fair. The only promise I make is that there will be blood. Lots of blood. If any group walks outta this game unscathed, I haven’t done my job. :P

    • NickDA

      This is the nightmare sequence for me… that truly shows more of what Tenzin is going through… the flashbacks kinda show how messed up he is in the head… but this one shows the immediacy of the loss and pain that he is going through.

  • Azyzl

    I was just casually catching up until I got to this fun bit of nightmare fuel…

    …it’s a pretty awesome page though.

    • You’re welcome ;)

    • NickDA

      Like dan a few pages ago… it actually gets a little worse in the next few pages…

      • Azyzl


  • At first I was thinking you guys were cruel for having Tenzin dream that he’s still alive, but I changed my mind. Instead, you’re cruel for showing us those bottom two panels. And I was (stupidly) catching up on my reading at two in the morning, no less. Gonna regret that in my dreams tonight.

    • I’m sure we will do many more things yet to come to earn us the cruel designation again. As long as you still feel that the story is good and it fits/works, I’ll accept the label :)

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, this scene is excellent and I wouldn’t have you pull any punches on this. Me berating you guys as human beings is just my way of saying you’re on the right track.

        • Hehehe. It’s true, we are kind of evil, pulling all your heart strings, purposefully messing with all your emotions and etc. It’s the author’s prerogative, says I ;)

    • NickDA

      Hahaha… think of some of the really amazing War movies of the past… “Saving Private Ryan”, “Band of Brothers”… latest one that comes to mind is “Fury”… The all were just horrifyingly frank about how terrible these things are. In our day and age we read about ebola and ISIS on our smart phones, and the visceral horror of those circumstances just don’t stand out.

      It reminds me of a saying that I read who knows where: “War is war and hell is hell… war is worse”. A huge part of our story is in the psychology of Tenzin, and in the loss and grief process. There is definitely an brighter future in the story line, but it would have seemed to cliche and shallow without first exploring the depths of the trauma.

      • Delta-v

        M*A*S*H. Hawkeye says it to Father Mulcahy.

  • That Evil Wolf

    I get the feeling I should start reading these new pages in the middle of the day, rather than the middle of the night ;_;

    • Yes, I would recommend that for the next 4 pages :)

      • That Evil Wolf

        That doesn’t make me feel any less paranoid! ;~;

  • I just ran into this! I’m definitely going to read through this from the beginning. It’s always a pleasure to run into a well-written and artistically beautiful webcomic.

    • Thanks! Glad to have you, and look forward to seeing any thoughts you have as you read through :)

  • Ydo Ucare