Nov 2014

Chapter 4: Page 69 – Zombie Keleres

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You’ve been guessing and predicting this for some time, so I am glad to finally give you: Zombie Keleres.  May they haunt your dreams.

I’m looking for a couple of people willing to be on Minerva’s side in the Siege of Minerva game we’re running.  Help coordinate the defense and etc.  Let me know if you’re interested :)

Also, the voting algorithm on TWC is still messed up, so vote as many times as you want each day :D

  • Michael Corley

    That… That is super creepy.

  • Amberlight

    That was what some were expecting during the actual battle. Well, at least we have it in a dream.

    • Sebastián Píriz

      Tenzin’s mind is mixing the things that happened at Arkjut, in my interpretation of the story the zombies arent there because he’s scared

  • Adriano #WR

    Braiiiiiiiiiiiiin !… *and not Brian !*

  • See, it’s stuff like this that made me add Gorn to your TVTropes page way back when. Speaking of which, this comic needs a Nightmare Fuel page. I’ll have to get on that.

    • Ooh yay! The TVTropes page could definitely use an update. I don’t know if anything had been added since chapter 2.

  • Sorry. Hmm…maybe just translate it with a * below the page or something?

  • You know, I wonder how circuit boards would look once we finally make the switch over to carbon and fiber optics. Different, I imagine, but how much different I can only guess, not being more than a dilettante sporadic peruser of science articles.

    • RE the circuit board-esque letters in the sky, I assume?

      Yeah I don’t know either. In our story, we’re going more the route of biological computers, so more along the lines of a neural network of cyborg neurons, basically :)

      • Ultimately they would be much cheaper to manufacture, though I suspect that many things we consider as belonging solely to the realm of inorganic manufacturing can be done by biological processes (I consider nanotechnology to date to be organic, since it’s mostly based on carbon — the cornerstone of organic chemistry). e.g. silk being used to create comtact lenses.


        • Sebastian Grey

          Well, if you look at cells, they’re effectively just nanomachines in the sense that they’re molecular machines with programming. At a certain point, biology, nanorobotics, and genetics become the same things.

          • Yeah, I’ve thought the same. Sometimes I think that recent innovations in technology are blurring tired, deprecated, old lines of cosmic vision. And, I think that’s a good thing. Philosophical arguments are predicated on “truths”, that I prefer to consider axiomatic. It’s a healthy thing for a congealed body of so-called knowledge to get shaken up, stirred, mixed … muddled, whatever … so that we can embark on the next adventure of limits and possibilities. And more questions, as it should always be.

          • Sebastian Grey

            One should never let impossibility stop them from doing the impossible. Fortune favors the bold, and who dares wins. :)

          • Uh, that’s a functionally meaningless statement, about as useful as glibly stating the fact that the sun appears to rise in the east every morning. Well, less so, actually, because for every aphorism there’s it’s contrary, which in this case would be “discretion is the better part of valor”. Also, the first part is self-contradicting, which may render the entire statement you made a non sequitur.

          • Play nice :P It may be a meaningless statement, but it sounds poetic or inspirational or something :P

          • Okay. I get stuck in my logic sometimes, sorry.

          • Logic is good :) Being careful to be considerate is also good ;) I like having you and your comments around :D

          • Sebastian Grey

            And not a problem. I’ve just made a reputation outta doing things most people would consider either highly, highly unlikely, or impossible. Part of the reason I can do those things is because I don’t let the impression that something is impossible stop me.

          • Sebastian Grey

            Things that are ‘impossible’ tend to be impossible only because they’re perceived as impossible. People said heavier than air flight was impossible. Breaching the Maginot Line was impossible. Beating the best trained army in the world with a handful of rag-tag ‘soldiers’ was impossible during the US revolution. The Taliban in Shahikhot believed it was impossible that coalition forces would penetrate their perimeters. Researchers would say a wolverine climbing a 7000 foot sheer cliff was impossible. The connecting factor for all of these is that, despite the ‘impossibility’ of these actions, people still did them. Soldiers, especially for SOF forces, are trained to consider impossible just a word. Give me a line, and with enough time, effort, and technology, I promise some enterprising/psychotic bastard will cross or circumvent it. As for ‘fortune favors the bold’ and ‘who dares wins’, they’re pretty self-explanatory. As an interesting factoid, ‘who dares wins’ is the motto of one of the deadliest fighting forces in the world, the British Special Air Service, which cranks out such hardass bastards that they can march 190 miles across high desert drinking radioactive water and end up losing 32 pounds, then still stay on active duty training even more psychos.
            (This might post twice- I’m not sure if it’s my computer or the disqus thing, but it’s got me all sorts of confused)

          • Well, I’m pretty sure some things are so close to “impossible” as to be effectively impossible. I highly doubt that I can somehow manage to use biofeedback to make myself electrically conductive whenever I hear thunder rumbling; nor, for that matter, would I ever in my right mind believe that I can manage to start defying gravity on a whim.

            Impossibility is in reality implausibility, but it’s a matter of scale. Technical difficulties such as those involving flight are not even implausible, considering how we’ve been watching birds fly all throughout our history as a species. In which case, that people would think it impossible to fly back in the day was merely a lack of imagination.

            In other words, there’s different ways to use a word. I tend to be litigious in my thinking (embarrassingly so at times!), so I prefer the more technical or logical meaning of words. I’m not very colloquial, I guess. Well, at times, at least.

          • NickDA

            Oh man would you both fit in awesome with my team at work… we have the most epically useless debates over things like this… Today we went off the deep end trying to discuss the best analogy to explain pub/sub to non technical people… I think we ended up with a “space cannon balls through a worm hole after a dead drop magazine… oh gawd now I’m confused”…

  • Sebastian Grey

    I’m just gonna stop assuming that these pages can’t get any more horrifying, and join Tenzin with his “God damnit here come the robozombies again” attitude. You’ve managed to combine body horror, psychological horror, guilt, and solipsistic horror in a single page. My hat goes off. (Also, I’d kill for a box of those exploding darts. Instant kill with no overpenetration? Yes, please!)

    • NickDA

      We have to make the “Demon” make sense at some point in our comic… and well, Tenzin’s internal Demons are [email protected]$$ monsters.

      PS – on the darts… lets claim that’s why we drew them with fins… not only for stabilization but also kinda for the “exact perfect depth lets stop that forward momentum now please” placement.

  • Delta-v

    Did you guys remember that the cover page for this page was basically a mass of organo-mechanical tentacles? Here’s the payoff.

    • NickDA

      I totally want some variant of that as a full sleeve tattoo… would be awesome.

      • Remember when you had Fabio hair, and the teasing that entailed? It would be much much worse :P

        • NickDA

          Except this would be like: “holy [email protected]#$ that is an epic tattoo… mother of all awesome!”

  • Sebastián Píriz

    I just checked, The text is in a separated layer ;)

    • Well that’ll be helpful for him at least :)

  • Mark Linimon

    Yikes. (also: caught up, sigh.)

    • But caught up is where the comment part is! Discussion and theorizing and stuff ;)

      Or, there is some real cool bonus stuff in the “Extras” and Blog sections. Or the siege/invasion wargame I’m playing with some readers?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Emergency Override” the text in the sky flashed.
    Suddenly Tenzin found himself armed.
    With a brick.
    “This isn’t funny anymore!”

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    The Emergency Override: A fifty story tall Jane appearing and stomping the zombies flat!
    / just kidding.

  • I heartily enjoy SSSS. I wish I could buy that ad they have. Hiveworks has really expensive ads though. $250 minumum downpayment. Don’t wanna pay that much if the ad isn’t good.

  • Ydo Ucare

    Oh gosh. Are those his intestines. Oh no…why? Just…why? Ick ick ick. I think I have to go take a shower or brush my teeth or something now. Because ew.

  • Awesome! Thanks :D I think there is a [] error or two in there maybe, but this is sweet stuff :D

  • Hjels

    Oh, good. They’re ok…