Nov 2014

Chapter 4: Page 70 – Accusing

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Alright, just two more pages left in this sequence and chapter!  Hmm, that probably sounds too upbeat for how creepy/depressing this sequence is…

Oh well, I’m excited!  Because after this, starting on the 1st, we’re going to have a couple of guest weeks!  I’ve received a lot of really funny guest strips so far, and hopefully can get some more before next week.  Anyone feeling artistic today? ;)

I’m still looking for a couple more people willing to be on Minerva’s side in the Siege of Minerva game we’re running.  Help coordinate the defense and etc.  Let me know if you’re interested :)

Also, the voting algorithm on TWC is still messed up, so vote as many times as you want each day :D

  • Michael Corley

    The past has a way of coming back to haunt you.

  • Navigator

    Quick, dogpile!

    • Hehehe. The Cyborg Zombie Keleres just want to play, Tenzin! Don’t freak out! :P

  • His demons are overwhelming and devouring him. Yep, that sounds about right.

  • Cameron

    Don’t worry Tenzin, they just want your armour. It’s a bit late now though…

  • Adriano #WR


  • nichdubo


    • Or if you’re Tenzin you’re sweating and bleeding, not crying, of course not crying.

      • nichdubo

        Why of course good sir

        • nichdubo

          tenzin is hardcore af

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Everybody pile on the Captain! Plus points if you find his keys!”
    They would regret finding the rabbit foot keys…
    / break, begin alternate
    “You WILL be assimilated!”

    • NickDA

      And my BRICK!

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        That shows up in the Keleres version of Lord of the Rings.
        “Marcus, you have my gun.”
        “And my grenades!”
        “And my BRICK!”

        • Adriano #WR

          Lmao xD

  • Adriano #WR

    “What about the fallen men, captain ?” => Chap 2 p 9
    “Four of us made it to the rendezvous” => Chap 2 p 15
    “What happened to the others ?” => Chap 2 p 15
    “I guess I should thank you” => Chap 2 p 17 (Yohan line ! xD)

  • Citrus Reaper

    Holeee shit.

  • l33tninja

    This whole sequence has been amazing. Great work on expositing Tenzin’s memories.

    • Your binge speed is growing :D

      • l33tninja

        I read fast