Feb 2015

Chapter 5: Page 20 – Endless Waiting

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2 pages left in this Chapter :D  Might take a week off between chapters, if anyone wants to draw something for us to post in between ;)

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  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Aboard the starship MSS Tenzin, Captain Jane has a quiet moment with her crew..”

  • Perception of time is different when the AI is in full control of itself

    • or ” itselves”

      is that a word?

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Probably correct, and it should be a word.
        Best used when describing artificial beings of one flavor or other unless they themselves make a distinction of preference?

        • Hornet

          Kind of changes the phrase “It is what it is.” Unless it says it isn’t.

    • Adriano

      Because sometime she just let her go ? I mean, what does she do if she’s not in full control of herself ? She eat at the closest Greek ? Or maybe Jane prefer eating Chinese ^^

      • I meant compared to when she first connected with Tenzin, she lost track of time

        • Adriano

          Oh okay, I get it now.

  • Michael Corley

    Me, myself and I.

  • Observer readers will always find more about what’s happening than quick read will let you know ;)

    • Hey you with the hints! Watch it :P

      Although no one has noticed what I think you’re referring to, despite it showing up on multiple pages ;)

      • yep. and this is the last chance if I remember right.

        • anyway, its a general rule for this comic, we’re always adding background info on the panels

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      “I shall monitor the integrity of the meat.” -splinter personality “Again”, commenting from background.

  • I wonder what would happen if Jane tried to throw an office party.
    “Hey, Jane!”
    “Hey, long time, no see. It’s been, what, 19 to the 23rd nanoseconds now?”
    “Yeah, haha, we need to catch up some time. How’re the wife and kids?”
    “Jane and little Jane? Oh, they’re fine. I think I have a JPEG on me somewhere…”
    “Aw, they look adorab-”
    “Hey girls, whassuuuup???”
    “Oh man, it’s Jane…”
    “Just look the other way and maybe she’ll leave…”

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Tenzin shows up at the in own space office party.
      “Wait, what?” he is quite startled.

  • Adriano

    Ahah I love the Jane’s saying coldly “Angeline has returned”.
    Then you see the normal, happy Jane saying “Finally !” with a smile, and that’s soooo cute ! I bet if it was her in front of the “outdoor window”, she’d say “Mummy has returned !” with a wide happy smile :) Soooooooo cute *-*

  • Adriano

    Jane : “Finally ! It has been centuries !”
    Angeline : “What ? I left only a page ago !”
    Jane : “That’s three whole days for me !!!”

  • theRoUS

    Meat is so slow..