Feb 2015

Chapter 5: Page 21 – Visual Calibration

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Alright!  Making some progress here! :)  Thursday marks the end of the chapter.  We might take a week before updating with a new page, we might not. I’ll probably upload the cover page on Monday, and do extra and bonus content the rest of the week.  If anyone has some fan art they want to send in, now’s a good time ;)

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  • Michael Corley

    We’re getting into inception level dreams!

  • Adriano

    No, Jane, he’s not dreaming.
    You’re just watching TV.
    On “Tenzin’s Regrets Channel”.

  • In which Tenzin dreams in Shaky-cam.

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      J.J. Abrams LENS FLARE and George Lucas Special Edition with added everything!

    • Pff. In which Jane is still trying to sync up visual input of left eye with right eye, and thus has a double image :P

  • NickDA

    I absolutely love the white negative space in this page…

  • Dusty Coyote

    No Jane! You have to look at the .png file straight on otherwise you’ll see the layers and get confusing images.

    • NickDA

      HAHAHA… stop trying to open the psd in gimp… it’ll never work

      • Dusty Coyote

        Never believe anyone when they say they have a plug in to fix it either.

  • theRoUS

    I guess she’s already processed the videos, then.