May 2015

Chapter 6: Page 23 – Something’s…Different

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Happy Monday!

In the USA, today is also Memorial Day, so we at The Demon Archives want to take a moment to remember and honor those soldiers who have fought and died protecting their families and countries.

MemorialDay2015 copy

In lighter news, this is the end of Chapter 6!  Starting on Thurdsay I’m going to be running a week long scavenger hunt/sweepstakes, hiding clues/answers all around our websites and social medias and whatnot.  For every clue you find you’ll get an entry into the prize raffle drawing.  I’ll probably give away some posters and ebooks, but I’d love to hear some other prize suggestions :)

So check back on Thursday for a nice post about the official rules and stuff (you still have a bit of time to make suggestions!).  Chapter 7 will start on the 8th of June, but I’ll be posting lots of content here and other places between now and then :)

  • GAAAAHHHH!!! Rude awakening to meatspace!! Even with the inevitability of the moment, it’s still a gut punch to actually see Tenzin’s disorientation and shock. And no time available to really grieve for himself. Well done, gentlemen.

    • Are you asking me to spoil Chapter 8 for you? ;P

      • Speculation withdrawn. Just take a bow, guys.

        • Oh, don’t delete your speculation! I love seeing you all speculate and theorize. I just can’t ever confirm or deny things :D

          • That’s what I get for pre-breakfast posting. I took the emoticon as disapproval. Time to attack, surround, and destroy some breakfast!

          • Ah sorry. When I use the ;P it is a joking teasing face. It’s both winking AND sticking its tongue out at you! :D

          • Noted for future reference.

          • NickDA

            Now this… this is a scowl of disapproval >:[

          • Matt [in Middletown]


            Minervan Advanced Tactical Brick (Picatinney rail model) Mk1 Mod0

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            [=|=|=] second model with finger grooves.

          • Delta-v

            Ha, ha! Oh, stoppit, Matt–you’re killing me here! :’D

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            *pokes Delta with stick*
            Uh, we have a case if sudden existence failure due to random humor event.

            Do we hook him up to the machine Tenzin style?

          • NickDA

            I may or may not have gotten a brick or two from home depot and experimented with carving them… The results were shitty to say the least… But as soon as I get my table top CNC machine…ooooh baby Minerva Logo’d package o bricks sent Matt’s way :D

          • Adriano

            Hey, don’t forget me ! I also want my Minerva brick ^^ Please. I beg you ;^;

            Or if you could find me a giant fennec ^^

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Bricks can be carved using a diamond wet saw.
            But your choices are “straight line” or “straight through”.
            The saw itself it excessively expensive, has a water hose hooked to it to keep the blade cool.
            As an aside, 3d printers are becoming cheaper.
            I keep being slightly surprised by the advances in 3d printing and the reduction of cost.

          • DeNitro

            Hey I feel the need for custom brickage just like you, but it’s like you’re using a Barrett Model M107 50cal sniper rifle to kill the ground hogs under Grannies chicken coop when a cheap 22LR will work. Red clay, shape and bake, you can claim you’re brick master, none the wiser. ;-)

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            You mean, Barrets aren’t for use on woodchucks?
            I suppose howitzers aren’t used on possum either?
            I’m a dinosaur..

          • DeNitro

            In honestly, if not for objections of neighbors, and that bother of shoveling in craters and reseeding. Would be some satisfaction in calling in a AC-130 Gunship strike to terminate those pesky lawn moles.. ;-)

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            “They’re unstoppable! Break out the MOAB!”

          • elebenty

            You packed your angry eyebrows!

  • James Hunter

    I called it, not script but the just of it, yay!

  • Xylas Incarnum

    Well, I my thought of the ai being chewn out about what she did missed the target. this is less.. reactive. Oh well, it worked and that’s all that matters. Now for the discussion about missing limbs and prosthetic enhancements to compensate for them being lost.

    • Amberlight

      We already have nerve-controlled prosthetics. Not exactly a direct neuro-link, but it’s relatively easy to read nerve signals. The hart part is to properly translate them in joint movements.

      • Xylas Incarnum

        Well, that just makes it that much easier to have more advanced stuff in the comic then.
        Still, probably is gonna hurt like hell.

        • Maarten Spreij

          He’s a soldier with mystic zen training (or something), he’ll suck it up. Also, yay for exoskeleton-suit with AI co-pilot!

          • Xylas Incarnum

            True enough.

      • Chris

        Sadly nerve control lets the person only control one or two movements at a time. So to lift your arm and wave your hand you have to move your shoulder, then your elbow, then your forearm/wrist, position fingers, then move wrist again.
        Amazing technology but still limited. It will be an amazing world when the neurology link is cracked.

    • NickDA

      Side note… badass Anime series… I liked Brotherhood a lot better.

      • Xylas Incarnum

        Yeah, Brotherhood is the one I normally refer to… but automail is the exact same thing in both so the point is a bit moot to be refering to one over the other.
        Since :Brotherhood is canon and the first one that started in 2003 ain’t.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Jane, what happened to me?”
    “Pac Man.” Jane said in a completely deadpan tone.

  • Hipopótamo

    I love the expressivenes on Jane’s expressions today: her happiness at seeing her little scheme working and her being heart broken at Tenzin’s rude awakening

  • Marisa Brenizer

    Ah, man. I have a lot to catch up on, so I proooobably shouldn’t have opted to take a peek at this revealing page! D:

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      LOL, I am guilty of doing that on comics I’m catching up on.

      • Marisa Brenizer

        Right? Sometimes I avoid looking at a current page and click on the archives asap. I’ll just consider this page to be a teaser that light a fire under me to catch up already, damn it!

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          I tend to nail myself with spoilers unintentionally.
          Then I sit there and tell myself, “You doof, you spoiled it!”
          I get funny looks from my pets for it.
          “Hey, check out our pet human, he’s talking to himself again!”

  • Jane: Well, the good news is you lost weight. And you know how you always said you wanted to see if you could learn to use your left hand Now you’ll get really good at it!

  • Voduxe

    Well……. Do you remember that rocket you got hit with?

  • Michael Corley

    Yes, I would say that’s different.

  • Adriano

    T :”Jane ?! What happened to me ?!”
    J : “Thou fougth well, my friend”

    • Delta-v

      Yay, you’re back! :)

      • Adriano

        Ahah, glad someone noticed it ;) And thanks ^^

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Goes with the picatinney rail coffee mug I saw somewhere.

  • AnnoyedGnat

    Suddenly, Hagrid busts down the door and proudly exclaims, “You’re a cripple, Tenzin!”

    • NickDA

      Lol… a Demon Archives Harry Potter mix would be hilarious… Jane would be the Hermione of this world. LeviosAAAA!

  • Dusty Coyote

    Seems a somber thing to Post on Memorial Day. Still, its a side of warfare that most don’t see. the soldiers that go over seas and don’t come back completely. Parts of them stay over there. Mentally and physically. Its a good reminder. Just ask yourself, WWTD? What would Tenzin Do? And if the answer is kill you, then maybe you are being disrespectful.

    • Yeah, I feel like the way we celebrate Memorial and Veterans’ Day often isn’t somber enough.

      • NickDA

        What? You mean BBQ’s and parties and days off of work with literally zero thought spend on soldiers who fight/fought/die/died for their various patrias?… yeah, when you put it that way… completely agreed on not respecting the reason for the holiday… watched a video that polled random people on why the holiday, ended up quite upset.

        • Sebastian Grey

          Don’t sweat it. Vets may get a little grumpy over memorial day, but in the end, the fallen would want you to enjoy the time you have with family and friends instead of moping around. It’s actually a good thing most people are completely ignorant when it comes to memorial day. It means the American serviceman/woman has preformed their duty to such an extent that the population at large isn’t aware of the sacrifices that are made. And that’s our job. We’re sponges. We’re supposed to deal with, and understand, all that shit so others don’t have to. So when people are completely ignorant for the cause behind memorial day, it means they haven’t needed a soldier to directly defend them within their lifetimes. And that’s a good thing.

          • Adriano

            I’m not sure wheter I should agree or not with you, but at least I’m sure that I must upvote you.

          • NickDA

            Yeah, I like this viewpoint from one point of view… a populous who has the privilege of forgetting is because the protector has done its job… but the risk is that said populous has voting privilege and over time effect decisions in an uninformed manner… its a bit of a dilemma, to much awareness of military protection means you are at risk and that is nasty, but to much obliviousness is an insult to the protectors. (And since we have a global readership, I’m not speaking of any one country here, nor cases of aggression, but of theoretically pure “protect the patria” activity). You all ever watch the old Space Troopers movie or read the books? Where you had to earn your true voting citizenship through military service?

          • “Starship Troopers”, by Robert A. Heinlein. I tend to dismiss the movie as “Starship Nazis 90210”.

          • Adriano

            Starship Troopers was quite a nice book, and I’m sure citizenship through military service (doesn’t necessary mean war) is a good thing. It teaches you responsability and social abilities as cooperation with your teammates.

          • Sebastian Grey

            I really need to remember my actual disqus password. Also, my above rant sounded a lot more eloquent when I wasn’t sober.

            So I liked the concept of starship troopers, wherein you had to earn voting rights through civil service. It didn’t have to be military, although military is quicker. The only problem is that it completely goes against everything I stand for. One of the cornerstones of the United States is that everyone has the right (unless they willingly do something to get that right removed) to have a say in the direction of the country they live in. I think that’s fair. Great people have never served the government a day in their life, and that’s a-okay. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live their lives, I’m here to keep bob from killing his neighbor on a global scale. Besides, some people are just totally incapable of working in a hierarchy like that, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a say in the direction of their country.

            And yeah, people who aren’t exposed to violence like that don’t really know how to handle it when it happens, but at some point we have to accept that its a balancing act and I’d much rather the average civilian not know what it’s like to pick up bits of their buddies than the opposite to be true.

  • Aaron R.

    You lost your pants, that’s what happened to you.

    Silly Tenzin.

  • What a great end of the chapter! It’s going to be interesting to follow the rest of Tenzin’s recovery. And yay, I finally caught up! Really like the story this far. The flashbacks and change of art styles were great. And of course the setting in DA is one of my favorites. Awesome job you guys~ ((And after reading all this I completely understand how you think everyone are about to die in my comic… haha!))

    • :D Thanks for all the comments today!

      • You’re welcome! Glad I’m caught up, now I can finally look at the awesome update-posts without getting spoiled! :)

  • theRoUS

    Making fists with his toes..