Oct 2015

Chapter 8: Page 7 – New Routine 1

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Alright, so I decided to split the two page spread into the two pages, and to split it vertically, not horizontally, even though that means you skip a couple of panels in the flow of the page.  I chose this for a couple of reasons:

  1. If I’d just put up the full page, it wouldn’t have been at the resolution it was intended to be seen at, and each panel would have been smaller than I wanted.
  2. Same if I’d cut the page horizontally, preserving panel flow.  It would have been too wide.
  3. This is how it will get cut when in the printed book.
  4. I can spread it out over multiple updates and increase our buffer/lead time, avoiding the possibility of another prolonged hiatus.

So today you get the first part of the spread, Monday you’ll get the other, and then I’ll post the full spread, that way when people months from now read thru the archive they’ll very quickly be able to read each page and then see the full spread.  Kapeesh? I’ll also include a link to the higher res image file when I post the full spread.

Other new things… You can still subscribe to the newsletter up from the menu. Free way to get some extras if you can’t afford to support us on Patreon. Although for just $2 a month you’ll see all the pages up to a week early :D

I’ve updated the Extras tab/page.  You can easily find the different Lore and Science articles, as well as the 4 pieces of commissioned music we have.

Most importantly, I’ve started another AMA for a character.  This time, it’s Angeline’s turn to deal with all your questions.  Ask them in the comments on this linked post.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Yikes, he remembers what moved them.

  • Delta-v

    They let him use a razor with a removable non-safety blade? Is this another psychological test? O.o

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Everything is a test.

      • Adriano

        Where you can only fail.
        It’s also called “Life”.

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          Like a demented nightmare version of “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name.
          Only here it is ” where everything is a game.”

    • Rawles Roberts III

      He’s a highly-trained soldier. You could give him a butterknife and he could off himself if he wanted to. Cartridge razor, besides being hell on your face, would only be a few moments delay longer. It would probably take longer to open up/take the safety razor apart than it would to do yourself in with a cartridge razor. Jut saying.

    • DeNitro

      Not to go all dark and gloomy, but a razor would not be the first choice of a warrior. No, if he was so inclined, a one legged man could “accidentally” fall and break his neck in bathroom leaving no questions to his honor.

  • Adriano

    I urge to make an edit for this page, but what funny sadistic thing can I come up with ?

    Oh, I know ! How about some Angeline/Tenzin romance ? ;D

    • Adriano

      This is what I made… Sorry everyone for the lack of clear meaning xD I’m tired…

      • Adriano tries hard ;) Thanks! :D

        • Adriano

          Still sad about the fact there is no Deathbot election post D:

          • I’ll post it tomorrow, just for you :P

          • Adriano

            Yayyyyyy ! :D

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        “Stop the oppression. Free the robots!” -flashback Dbot-lite
        “Bullshit! Complete bullshit!” -Tenzin

  • Adriano

    Btw I re-read the interview of Tenzin. Much fun, ahah ^^

  • Even though I’m aware from the comments that this is a two-page spread split in half, honestly, the disjointed nature of the page works for me. This is a page about emotions, not plot, and all of these undersaturated pictures focusing on different things gives us a certain feeling of gloom and slowness. It’s hard to pin it down exactly–I just think this page has a good sense of mood and the split works in its favor.

    Even when you mangle Seba’s work, he continues to be awesome. Tell me Seba, what entity did you sell your soul to in order to be this good–and could you maybe give me their cell number?

    • Adriano

      I’d rather get Dan’s writing entity cell number, since he seems to have a writing as good as GRRM or Dan Simmons !

      • You’ve seen how much hell he puts his characters through. We don’t even have to guess who he sold his soul to.

        • DrCrazy102

          *discreet dial tone, starts whispering*
          “George, They’re onto your source. Get them out now.”
          *clic … dial-tone*

    • I’m too bad at taking compliments and this one surpassed my limited capacity to reply.

      Just thank you a lot :)

  • Chris

    Safety Razor is best razor

  • Hipopótamo

    I like it that you allowed us to see the spread zoomed in.
    Yes., the page works on its own…

    So, Tenzin woke up of his brooding coma to continue brooding…