Mar 2016

Chapter 9: Page 20 – Snarky Ricky

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Uploading the inks bright and early because I can, while Seba finishes the colors XD

When the chapter ends (~2 weeks?) I’m hoping to have a guest art week or two, so if anyone wants to draw anything (art, pages, strips, etc), please do and send it to me at dan at demonarchives dot com :)

Also, I recently de-spammed the forums, and had to up the security a bit. So if you go make an account, you’ll have to be individually approved, so just message me there or here with your screenname :)

  • Good gravy look at that vehicle, that’s impressive!

  • Deoxy

    I don’t see this ending well for the poor innocent-bystander technician…

    • T.R.

      I’m thinking it’s *probably* not going to be too bad. Glaucus (as an organization) would be merely irked by this little, private chat once Rick returned. But they’d be outraged if Oculus harmed him (though probably not able to act directly without clear evidence of Oculus’ involvement) Even just disappearing Rick would raise many questions that I expect would be better avoided unless there’s some amazing piece of info that Oculus needs ASAP. (rather than just hacking the appropriate servers back at Minerva HQ)

      Though I’m sure that the Oculus folks have a contingency in case things happen and Rick needs to disappear.

      And, there is the matter of Glaucus messing up the peace talks. So there may be some organizational payback involved.

      Though in the end, I’m a bit impressed that Oculus can pull something off this fast. (I expect Tenzin’s appearance on the field was only a few hours ago…) That speaks to deep resources and the ability to utilize them on short notice. (or, Dan just needed this to happen so he came up with a quick way to make it happen :) )

      Who knows, maybe it’s not Oculus behind this. (that guy in the Oculus uniform notwithstanding) We *still* don’t know who’s pulling the strings behind the Deathbots or the co-ordinated invasion of Minerva by 5 factions.

      • NickDA

        Oculus is scary… I think at one point we mentioned the Anbu from Naruto as an influence… then if you think of crazy Danzo and Root…. :D

        • T.R.

          I don’t doubt their ability to do seriously nasty things. I’ve seen indications of that in the extras/archive/lore. (poisoning a water supply?) I’m more thinking that the situational calculus will discourage any – um – extreme harm to Rick.

          BTW: Now you’re making me feel old. I’ve heard of Naruto, but I know nothing about the lore from that story/world. I’ll ask my nephews about that this weekend. (and maybe introduce them to the story here while I’m at it :) )

          • NickDA

            Well… I woulda mentioned Hitler’s youth and the SS but I was trying to avoid Godwin’s law :D

      • Excellent thoughts. Reminder that Glaucus are the scientists, Aegis is the military. Us and our confusing names XD

  • Unwary

    lemme know if I’m being too pedantic, but um…
    What are the rear shocks attached to?
    I mean, maybe on the right it’s hidden but on the left…

    • I have to learn a bit more about vehicles… cars, tanks etc :P

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Neeeh, maybe a flat-ish crossmember on the backend, something like an L-plate for them to attach to?

        • L-plate?

          I need to learn more about vehicles heheh

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Well, it isn’t exactly a car part.
            And to be honest, I didn’t even notice the rear shocks weren’t mounted to anything at the top.

          • Chris

            Shocks don’t need to be mounted at the top if they are still able to compress. Off road vehicles can have open mounted shocks because they are HUGE. Cars have them inside the wheel-well which is small, so they utilize the top chassis mounting point, simply because it just fits well and is simple.

            As long as there is travel for the shock and sufficient movement for the axles then you can mount them however you want. In this case the shock could be as a buffer on the frame itself and the wheels attach to a central arm. So the shock could be absorbing movement from the frame itself and not the axle and control arms as cars are today.

            It is a futuristic vehicle, they could be magnetic coils used to create a field which acts as a shock… could be anything!

          • Unwary

            In this case the wheels are on pivotable arms, which means they already travel. It could the shot have some sort of rigid sleeve arrangement that lets them be mounted very close to their other attachment point, but you already have enough flexibility in the arms to make that amount of shocks for that little travel… a little off.
            maybe the arms are computer controlled?

      • T.R.

        Looks good enough for me. ;)

      • But you’re great at drawing man-shaped vehicles! ;)

      • Unwary

        No problem, just was really weird seeing that.

      • Unwary

        Do you use a 3d modeller and paint over? The drawing looks very precise, and I wonder.

        • My understanding is that yes, he does. He models is up, poses it, and then colors over that.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    President Smith.
    How sad you didn’t fall into a nest of scorpions on the way..

    • T.R.

      My friends call me Rick, so you can call me Randy.

      • Hehehe. Or the opposite. “My friends call me Randy.”

        • T.R.

          Or how ’bout. “I had to go potty so was looking for the toilet. Seeing you floating around here, I must’ve found it.”

  • Is it bad that I kind of heard that line in Wakko’s voice?

  • Mark Linimon

    I really, really, have to have one of those vehicles.

  • DeNitro

    Humm,,, I’m left wondering what device Rick felt the need to retrieve and activate once a “Detour” was announced.

  • RTM

    Technician, hopefully that’s a flashbang or a recording device. :)

  • Chris Kotthoff

    The potty was a lie!

  • Adriano

    Is this a bomb?
    Is Randy going to blow up Smith?
    Because that would be glorious

    Also, did Randy found the potty place?