Mar 2016

Chapter 9: Page 21 – Interrogation Tactics

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While Seba finishes up the colors, enjoy the inks!  Those blue lines in the 2nd to last panel are to show where some bright lighting will be shining in the finished page.

This week we’re spotlighting 3 new sci-fi comics that SpiderForest recently accepted.  2 of them I am confident you all will like, as they are both post-apocalyptic in nature, and very good.


Derelict – post-apocalypic Waterworld, with aliens.


6 Commando – alt-history dystopia/apocalyptic sci-fi, with AI tanks and soldiers.


Cosmic Dash – Fun space opera with animal-ish aliens.


Enjoy them XD

  • Amberlight

    Can I hijack a spotlighting mood and give a shoutout to a nice Russian comic that is being translated to English?

  • T.R.

    Cue ominous drama music to accent the threat. [dun dun dun duuuuunnn!]

    Though I’m really curious what Rick thinks he has up his sleeve that will keep him safe and snarky. I doubt we’ll see the Aegis cavalry swoop in to rescue him and root out the bad guys…

    • You know how some people like to cover up anxiety with talking big and sarcasm? Yeah…

      • DeNitro

        Myself, would always rather be that POW-Hostage-Disposable Source of Intel that takes the most effort and time for them to graduate to an unmarked grave in the desert. But he’s no need to rush, having done something with a device, I bet someone might yet come to ask him why.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Sure thing President Smith.
    Here, hold this small thermal detonator for me.

  • Adriano

    “You can call me Randy”
    Dan did it. Bwahahahahah I love you Dan! <3

    Derelict is truly awesome guys, go ckeck it out! I loved every part of it!!

  • Adriano

    Btw this doesnt look like Smith. My bets are on his under secretary

  • I’ll have to see if 6 Commando is anything like Keith Laumer’s BOLO tanks. Thanks!

    I think Derelict is pretty weird & compelling. Interesting world.

  • Mark Linimon

    I’ve been following Derelict for a long, long, time. One of my favorities. Irregular but worth the wait.

  • Adriano

    Really guys, the old trick of “I’ll put light in your eyes and you’ll tell me everything”? That’s so overrated. I thought Oculus was smarter than that! :P

    • Chris

      It is actually very effective. The purpose is to disorient you, make you uncomfortable, and make you lose your sense of time and spacial awareness.

      It works quite well.

      • Adriano

        Oh damn. Thanks for the info!

  • Dusty Coyote

    Shadow man totally looks like the Presidents Right Hand. From Chapter 7.

    • Glad to see the reader theories alive and well :) One of the best parts is seeing what you guys pick up on/latch on to in the pages, and what you don’t seem to notice (or at least comment on). But that may just be because I’m evil ;)

      • Dusty Coyote

        Hey, the president could not be involved. But the whiskers match as do the duds. a couple of the angles leave some doubt though. Although, his head was a little different shaped.

  • Adriano

    6 commando looks awesome, I started it.

  • RTM

    Not a good idea shadow man, and Rick? You’d better have something really great planned for this.