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Dec 2016


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As part of the SpiderForest Secret Santa, we got this guest art from D.D. Randall, creator of a couple of different postapocalyptic-ish comics!


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We also GAVE one, to postapocalyptic comic 6-Commando, which you should really check out if you haven’t yet.

In other news, Chapter 12 is humming along. Join in on Patreon if you want to see sneak peeks XD  W also posted another webcomic review on a fun paranormal investigator comic you might enjoy.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    And it was a magical time of year when everyone would gather around and decorate the deathbot to celebrate the season.

  • Chris Kotthoff

    … by 2037, Elf on the Shelf have been replaced by Deathbots…

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      And Lo! Santa did send unto the naughty children DEATHBOT to ensure good behavior!

  • DeNitro

    I envision a change in a certain lyrics to…
    “It’s making a list
    It’s checking it twice;
    It’s gonna sort out ones ready to slice..”

    You better be good,, or else…

    • IamN0TaW33AB00

      I see this as the lyrics:
      He’s looking at you
      Hes watching you poo
      He’s gonna kill every single Jew
      Adolf Hitler’s coming to town.

      • DeNitro

        Sure,, My version, was twisted and dark as a Deathbot with a huge saber blade could be.

        But if you want to go off script with a rewrite featuring a fascist megalomaniac and his favorite target of genocide,, you’re the one typing it..
        Just, Don’t look for up-votes from me…

  • Honza Prchal

    Hmm … Oculus slaughters civilians in town and deathbots slaughter the Aegis troops whom they presumed work towards the same ends … see, they’re really “nice” all along … this is just a terrible misunderstanding. Soviet and British spies will now work together against some creepy fellow with a white cat who is the REAL enemy here …

  • Jack Crow

    What’s that pattern in the stars?

    • You know, I’m not sure. I’m half convinced that it’s snowflakes instead of stars, personally.