Awesome people working with us to expand the lore and history of the Demon Archives.

Here follows an alphabetical list of the awesome people who have collaborated with us in creating canonical content.  Interested in contributing to the growing history of the Demon Archives?  Drop Dan a line at dan***at***demonarchives***dot***com.  If you can’t figure out to make that email work, you’re probably a spam bot and we don’t want your contribution anyway ;P



Delta-v is a member of our readership community who was so awesome in commenting and helping us get our act in gear that we recruited him as a community mod.  He also occasionally writes blog articles, including “Why I Read” webcomic reviews on some of the many webcomics he reads and enjoys.


Josh Conner:

Josh Conner is a fellow Underdog, and creates the webcomic Steel Salvation, a sci-fi adventure featuring a genocidal war machine bent on destroying humans to protect robot-kind.  Or something like that ;)

And apparently he also writes beautiful and amazing prose, which you’ll see if you read his collaboration, The Undying Voice of Julius Gordon, a first-person account of an apocalypse survivor living in a library in the UK, or its sequel, Mirage.



Sarah Driffill:

Sarah Driffill/melaredblu is a fellow comic creator and Underdog who’s been a great fan and friend for a long time.  She is the artist and author of the webcomic Princess Chroma, a magical girl parody comic.  Check out her webcomicfacebook, or DeviantART  pages to learn more.

Sarah has (so far) contributed with us in producing The Birkenhain Journal, a first person account of a German soldier involved in World War 3.  She also wrote a few “Why I Read” reviews including one on Cucumber Quest and on Brawl In The Family.



Jonathan Richards:

Jonathan is a written communications specialist Dan met in a writing group (part of his creative writing class)  a few years back.  He is a professional writer and moonlights at BYU to teach in the Management Communication department there.  Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Jonathan has contributed thus far in producing a couple of Lore articles, Prelude to the War: The Middle Eastern Oil Crisis parts 1 and 2.