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Aug 2015

Cultural Exchange, by Marius

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Many many thanks to Marius Hjelseth, creator of the thriller comic October 20th, for making us this guest comic.  Along with several of the Demon Archives crew, we also get to meet 2 of his own cast, as described by Marius:

“The blonde with the scars is called Catherine Hoxley. The black woman with Tenzin is mostly referred to by the alias Baltimore LaGrange. Her actual name is Abongile Ndala.”

Thanks again, Marius.  And if anyone else wants to make us a guest strip, just let me know :D

  • just awesome!

    extreme care of the details: the floor, the armor pieces, the rifle ( damn I did a 3d model to avoid drawing it). love it

    • Adriano

      Ahah, Seba’s cheats : to use 3d models.
      3d models everywhere !

      PS : I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I would never say that. I love TDA and its artist.

      • I totally cheat! I’d love to do it old style but I can barely can keep up using 3d models… so…

        • DeNitro

          Yes that’s totally cheating, Just like all the creatins using pencils instead of shaved chunks of charcoal, or ball points instead of dipped quills to fill in their backdrop. It’s not like we live in the technology age and view this on a computer or anything,,, LoL

          Seriously, use all the tools to help reduce the burden on wrists, fingers, and minds. We all love the authors and artists and want them to have long successful and creative lives. :-)

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Ground up rocks and pointed sticks on the cave walls!
            Go complete old school!
            / kidding.

          • :)

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Thog was always king!

          • DeNitro

            Thog was greedy, he used up the last of the magical mastodon blood, no painting will ever have that same authentic hue. 😆

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            We can clone mastodons, then harvest their blood for our walls!

          • Adriano

            “Would you like this wallpaper with Mastodon’s blood and little-flowers print ?”

            I totally see people from decoration say that xD

          • Huh. Guess that explains why “modern” art looks more and more like cave scribbles every day. They’re aspiring to the masters.

          • Talking serious (serious face) I believe that a comics artist’s work is to tell a story, using any tool he can (from pencil to a 3d model). But, all the tools are permitted as long as it isnt distracting, if you read Demon Archives and your mind is: “3d model here!.. another one here!” then I didnt do a good work because your head has to be 100% on the story.

            That said, look at this beautiful panel by Juan Gimenez: no computer, no 3d… pure awesomeness. But it takes more than a day to do a single panel like this one

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            I go, “Man, wish I had that kind of skill.”

          • DeNitro

            Truth there, that is a devoted painstaking work of love. You as an artist set it as a standard, I see it as beauty, we both agree it deserves to be appreciated at a higher resolution than a smartphone. Fan of your work, you don’t have to change. :-)

          • Adriano

            You’re right ! And just know that I always be focused on the story, and that I greatly appreciate your art btw. So, what I mean is that you do a more-than-awesome job !
            Just keep it going dude !

  • Hipopótamo

    Two of my favorite comics together… and in a light situation, oh joy!

  • Pemigewasset ex pat

    lol cartoonists, you can’t say they’re lazy for drawing a United States Colonial Marine Corps issue M41a pulse rifle firing 10 mm semi-armor piercing explosive caseless ammunition with an over and under 20 mm grenade launcher. Unoriginal but not lazy!

  • Charlie

    He hee! Cat looks so cute in color!
    And Baltimore is her usual awesome self. What a great job, brother. You rocked it!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    And what pops to mind?
    Something from Invader Zim from the Megadoomer episode.
    *Malfunctioning Sir units are destroying everything in sight*
    “Oh My God, they’re destroying EVERYTHING!” -Invader Ten.

  • I’ll take any chance to see Viktor involved in shenanigans, canon or not. Good show, Marius!

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