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Apr 2017

Daemon Fauna – Axolotl Whale

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Simulation HK00598

Cetisiren giganteus, aka “Axolotl Whale”


The land ecosystem is growing well, so I’ve devoted some time to aquatic biomes.

I’ve always been fascinated by neoteny, especially in salamanders (which I’m even fonder of than geckos, if I’m being honest), and the mountain lakes of Minerva display prime conditions for its selection. My grants dictate developing organisms with “economic utility”, so instead of just designing the perfect mudpuppy, I took it up an order of magnitude or 3.

C. giganteus is a filter-feeder, designed to optimally consume the microflora already in production. Along with benefiting from and controlling their growth, it can provide a large source of healthy protein.

Based on the Ambystomatidae, the Axolotl Whale will grow up to 5 meters in length. It can aestivate like a lungfish, and has the ability to metamorphose into a land form if conditions are inhospitable. External gills supplement working lungs, allowing it to survive in and around the deep, cold, low oxygen lakes I engineered it for.

Also, it’s a freaking 15 foot Axolotl.

Dr. Havva Koçak



C. giganteus is doing well. Size was an issue in some of the environs, so I’ve included some growth-modulation capabilities based on food supply and habitat size. Added to VB_001, which is finally almost ready for ex silico.



[art by Ethan Kocak of Black MudPuppy]


  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Aquaman runs into this thing and tries to talk to it.
    He receives a barbarian growl as response before being brutally axolotl’d to death.