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Apr 2016

Daemon Fauna – Murder Crows

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Simulation HK00247

Corvus ferox, aka “Murder Crow”

At first I ignored the complaints my work was receiving, dismissing them as the words of foolish bureaucrats turned armchair biologists.  Eventually some of my colleagues pointed out the potential for the Dune Hopper to overly thrive with the modifications I’ve given it, and the fallacy of relying on human predation and husbandry to control the population.  I’d always planned on creating a full food web with checks and balances on all my proposed fauna, but if overpopulation is the main worry holding execution back, then I have an easy solution.

Introducing Corvus ferox, pack hunting carnivores and natural predators to D. gigas.  Modeled partially after the prehistoric velociraptor, using the genome of the Corvidae and Struthio genera, they stand about a meter tall and up to two meters long.  C. ferox are flightless and rely mainly on their beaks and claws to bring down prey.  Hunting packs normally consist of a single male and several females.

The Murder Crows are very clever predators, utilizing hunting tactics anciently seen in Canis lupus and Panthera leo.  To anyone doubting the capability of flightless birds as primary predators, there are some pre-War films I’ve downloaded to show them just how fearsome these can be.

That should shut up any problems about animal overpopulation.

Dr. Havva Koçak



While I started C. ferox mostly as a joke and an opportunity to vent, it’s surprisingly robust and stable, handily balancing with D. gigas in VB_001.  I shall have to explore this further, and likely modify some of the more… dramatic elements I included.



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[art by Ethan Kocak of Black MudPuppy]


  • Hornet

    Yay, Now he’s bringing back the “Titanis walleri”… :P

    • Heh, basically. Just a little smaller ;P

      • GES280

        I was more inclined to think of the cassowary.

        • Heh, a fair bit of cassowary thrown into the mix too, just for fun XD

        • Honza Prchal

          Dodo with an attitude, or Titanis Walleri or Bullockornis Planei/Thunderbuird/Demon Duck … your choice.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “It’s the second coming of the freaking extinct Terror Bird!”
    “At least it isn’t the extinct Demon Duck of Doom.”

  • Ian Brown

    little mini jet back raptors. how cute.

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  • Oblivious-Man

    While I think that having these in your universe is incredibly awesome, I don’t think that a scientist (at least not one that is as intelligent as these logs indicate) would create a niche predator meant to control the populations of a food web species based around feeding humanity in the post apocalyptic world capable of threatening humans (1 meter by 2 meters makes for a substantial animal).
    So unless the murder crows act like coyotes or jackals, I can’t really see them being made. Unless you pull some High SciFi voodoo to justify it.
    In either case I really want to see some of these animals in the Demon Archives.

    • Heh, this was a mix of me telling a friend and science enthusiast to have fun and get crazy making up some imaginary animals, with having a character who’s definitions of logical and best outcomes be a little…screwy ;)

      Dr Kocak isn’t necessarily designing animals that would be best for HUMANS, but don’t tell her funding review board that ;)

      But yeah, and final version that got actually bred and released into the wild would have to pass review boards first, so likely different than the original concept XD