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May 2016

Daemon Fauna – Sucker Gecko

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Simulation HK00414

Gekko parasiticus, aka “Sucker Gecko”

The relationship between C. ferox and D. gigas is functional, but too simplistic.  Any REAL ecosystem has multiple players, multiple strategies for survival.  So I’m introducing Gekko parasiticus to add some flavor and complexity to this little food web I’ve created.

This “Sucker Gecko”, as I’ve decided to call it, will feed on a Dune Hopper, while simultaneously providing its host a natural protection against predation by releasing noxious fumes when it senses its host is frightened.  So it’s a little more complicated than a standard parasite or symbiotic relationship, but I think this reflects the diversity found in pre-Collapse ecosystems.

Besides, I’ve always had a fondness for geckos.

Dr. Havva Koçak



Made some modifications to G. parasiticus in an attempt to balance out the parasitic/symbiotic relationship with its host.  Should just take a few million generations to hone in on the optimal balance, but by next week I think I’ll have a sample to add to VB_001.



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[art by Ethan Kocak of Black MudPuppy]


  • Adriano

    I think we can say that… this creature sucks! #YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Lampregecko, ick!
    Flying leeches might exist too.

  • Well if this isn’t horrifying to look at. I bet it would be even more horrifying in a realistic style.

    • Imagine it latching on to stray human soldiers it finds…

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        “My face! My face! Get it off my face!”

        • Amberlight

          Don’t forget the toxic fumes it will be releasing.

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Singularly horrifying.
            And, someone would crack a joke about “death by lizard fart”.

  • Hornet

    And you thought Dr. Moreau was frightening.

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  • Henrik Svantesson

    The real horror strikes when you realize that the rats aren’t immune to the noxious fumes, but all the ones that died from it, well, died.

    The surviving ones are just in terrible agony anytime they get scared, yaaay!