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  • Gonzo

    this is quite cool, reminds a bit of FTL.

    • NickDA

      Great great game… nice similar dark vibe as well

  • Maarten Spreij

    It’s a bit exotic, mysterious, dark/foreboding turning into dramatic.. very fitting!

    Edit: though you’d need different themes for the different settings. Jane needs a cyberpunk theme :-)

    • Adriano

      Jane TOTALLY needs a cyberpunk theme :D

  • Hipopótamo

    Congrats to Thibault in creating another powerful theme. this one conveys the futuristic and dark themes of DA.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    I see in my minds eye some poor sacrificial lamb in a burnt out city punching out a smaller version of Deathbot as a last ditch action.
    Then being tossed like a football.
    The rest of the song is the struggle that follows.

    • Yeah that sounds about right ;)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Would probably make a cool video sequence.
        *Matt cusses because he can’t do any kind of animation.*

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Vague idea in my head, “prelude to a siege”.
        A short story detailing the contact of the scouts with the invasion force mentioned a few pages back, falling in the timeline shortly prior to ” The Siege of Minerva”.
        A D-bot or smaller figures in there somewhere, i think.
        Opening scene is a beat up sign clanking on a fence in the breeze.

        • You write it, I’ll edit it and post it :D

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Right now, that is about all there is.
            Will have to flesh it out some.
            Okay, a heck of alot more. Lol.

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  • Uncertainty in the outpost. The first echelon attackers swagger into view, confident of deathbot support. Minerva begins launching air and ground support, fire support (artillery), and keeps it going in “continual attack” mode. Despite this, the enemy coalition maintains a steady 3-5 kph advance that a Soviet veteran would swell with proud to see. The climax comes, as Minerva must decide to commit the reserve, or trigger a last resort option. What will happen?

    Evocative, Thibault!