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  • Hornet

    Hmm. I thought I was looking at an adult Lily.

    • Joel Joseph

      For a moment, so was I until I scrolled down and saw her doctor’s uniform.

    • T.R.

      Shhhhh! Don’t give away the ultimate plot secret. SOPKA was working on a time travel device, and the only way to defeat it is for Lilly to time travel back to the past and sabotage it from up close, before it realizes that she’s a threat. :)

  • T.R.

    “…Katerina, the doctor who isn’t taking any more of Konstantin’s crap this chapter…”

    I’m thinking Kostya is losing a lot of his ability to give crap to his to Katerina and the others – and they’ll have to start taking SOPKA’s crap instead…

  • first last

    Is this comic dead?

    • No? I think you got into tracking the “fan art” archive. The comic archive is separate. Are you using some other website to track updates where I can go fix the RSS?

      Click “Home” and you can see the latest page.

      • first last

        Thanks for the help! I love this comic.