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Dec 2016

Entropic Christmas, by Kez

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Today’s Christmas-themed guest art is by Karen “Kez” Howard of the sweet post-apocalyptic webcomic What it Takes.  Look at Angeline and Lily being nerdy and adorable!

I’ll have more guest art up later this week :) And the Chapter 12 cover is up on Patreon for ALL supporters of any pledge level. Pages will go up there as Seba finishes them ;)


  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Santa, destroyer of worlds!

    • Chris Kotthoff

      … and his slay was powered by eight collapsing stars

      • IamN0TaW33AB00

        It’s sleigh. Not slay. Grammar Nazis, awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Joel Joseph

    Ah, the physics of Santa Clause. Unless there’s teleportation, time travel and bi-location involved, no way is he going to visit a billion Christian households in one night (that’s about 1100 per second).

    • Xylas Incarnum

      Or just general time manipulation where he’s not moving with the same rules of time as the rest of us. (paused world around you and you can still move sort of deal.)

      • I might just be a miser or something, but I want my kids to thank ME for getting them presents, not Santa ;P

        • Xylas Incarnum

          What about the ones you don’t quite remember getting them? :P

        • Delta-v

          Look at it this way If they don’t know that you gave them the presents, they won’t be whining at you to give them more. :)

          Give yourself a few years of peace. ^^

        • Dusty Coyote

          Yes, because the reason for the season is self aggrandizement via your children. That said, Usually in my family the “Santa” gifts were the expensive ones that at any other time my folks would have said no to. Like a Bike. Or a Nintendo.

          • Heh. I’d just prefer them to know I know that *I* love them and got them a thing, and not a mystery Santa wizard ;)

        • DeNitro

          The “Santa gifts” where those ones I would have spent too many hours in assembly and wrapping Christmas night.. Dad still gets thanks for putting it together in morning.. :-)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Quantum superposition and entanglement.

    • Honza Prchal

      He’s increasingly popular among Turkish Sunnis too – “Baba Noel” is one of them, after all … at least as they see it.

    • DeNitro

      As many different aliases and mythical modes of transport, not certain if religion is the common area in that. Also, talking about Santa Claus to a devout Christian.. Yikes!

      Myself, I used to joke that when delivery time came around, the man in the suit rang up Dr. Who. They used the Tardus to bend time, fitting couple months worth of delivery work into that first half hour on Christmas morning.
      Not as fun to explain anymore, most of the little ones have no clue about Dr. Who…

      • Now THAT’S a Santa Myth I could get behind ;)

  • Ryan Reyes

    well it took me a while but from start to finish this is nice work

    • Oh nice! Glad you enjoyed the binge, we’ll be back on with Chapter 12 soon XD

  • Delta-v

    Pfff. He uses magic, not science. ^^

    • Chris Kotthoff

      Please, everyone knows that Chris Kringle is a time lord!

      • Dusty Coyote

        Suitably advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.

        Edit: As opposed to subtly advanced science, which is indistinguishable from normal science. Like Macro hydrodynamics. Sure it looks simple, but it really isn’t.

  • Merry Christmas to all, and to all a scientifically-plausible night.

  • this is perfect

  • Hipopótamo

    Very nice Xmas story!

  • Moxie