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Sep 2017

Dr. Katerina, by azureXtwilight

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I dropped the ball (I blame being ill) and didn’t get the latest pages to Seba in time for the page to be ready today, so enjoy this commissioned artwork of Katerina, the doctor who isn’t taking any more of Konstantin’s crap this chapter XD

This piece was produced by azureXtwilight, creator of The Seventh Re:Set.


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Jun 2017

Jane and Lily, by Val Sannais

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Hey everybody! Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been so busy XD

First, here’s another great guest art, this one by Val Sannais, artist of the webcomic Starfall.


B, my plan is still to start posting new content next Monday. Seba drew 4 “After Credit” pages for Chapter 12 that we’ll do before we start Chapter 13 :D

III. If I can get my kickstarter video made, I hope to be launching and running that in July. Go back a page for some of my thoughts and ideas on that if you have suggestions on rewards and tiers and etc.

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Jun 2017

Angeline and Jane, by Deanna Brigman

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Hey all!  Today’s guest art is from Deanna Brigman, artist and creator of the comic Obscurato.  Check it out!


In terms of news, hiatus is almost over (plan is coming back start of July), and I’m in full Kickstarter prep mode. But I have to send Seba a copy to evaluate the colors and make fine touches and stuff XD

Also, I have to figure out how to make a video! XD

What I could use (again) from you all are thoughts on pricing and rewards/tiers. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Initial goal of $3000
  • $5 gets you the ebook
  • $10 gets you a poster of one of the chapter covers
  • $20 gets you the physical book (maybe $15 for “early bird” first 50 pledgers sort of thing)

And then less clear $$ levels, but ideas like:

  • Custom drawing from Seba
  • Signed copies
  • Design a background character
  • Design a secondary character

Some stretch goal ideas:

  • Unlock “Lots of Blood” coloring book ~$5000
  • Unlock volume 2 (Chapter 4)  ~$7500. Pledge an additional ~$10, get volume 2 as well
  • Go hardcover ~$10K. Probably no additional charge, as I’d want to go all or nothing and not have some of each for economics of scale
  • Make 3D printed models of Tenzin/Deathbots? ~$15K


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Jun 2017

Tenzin the Piggy, by Bevis

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Sorry posting this so late! I had an important thesis committee meeting today for my PhD. It… didn’t go that well.

This fan art was made byBevis, a reader on our Russian translation mirror and a forum commenter. It’s a play on a classic Russian meme, “Peter the Piglet“, and I like it :D

In cool local news…



That’s right, my test copies arrived! One for me, Nick, and Seba, with TWO bonus ones… ;)

Keep an eye out for more Kickstarter print run news! I’m hoping to have it running at the start of July, coinciding with us coming back from hiatus!

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Jun 2017

Polishing Tom Fury, by Angela Sisk

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You all remember Tom fury, right? Nightshade’s awesome gun? No? Prose. Comic. Get learnt ;P

Many thanks to Angela Sisk, creator of Numina!


Alright, news.

The Kablam order has printed but not shipped yet. I’ll let you know when I get them :D Hopefully I sent the files in correctly XD

Seba has been making some AWESOME “after credits” pages that fit between Chapters 12 and 13 that I’ll post up as well. They’ll be on Patreon first ;)


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