Jan 2020

Interlude – Bedtime Story: Page 2

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Hey all! While we build up the buffer for chapter 15 (I taught myself to letter and did the first page of it already! It’ll be up on the Patreon soon), I figure it’s been long enough since the Kickstarter that I can post this story that was originally exclusive to the print Volume 1. Story by me, and art by Angela Sisk, creator of the webcomic Numina. I’ll post it likely more frequently (5 pages total) than once a month, but will shamelessly use it to build a buffer :D

Remember, if you’d like to see us posting pages faster, the main limiting factor is $$. It costs me $50 to make an inked page, and I’m currently pulling it about $35 a month from Patreon/Book sales.

I’ve finished updating the Characters page, including their complete character sheet/models (click on the headshot of each character to open it up).