Nov 2017

Intermission – A Life In Whispers

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EDIT 12/18/17: Part 4 up, and that wraps up this story! I strongly recommend you read it as it is directly pertinent to the plot ;) Next week is Christmas, but I’m aiming to have a page for you anyways :D

EDIT 12/14/17: Part 3 up! One more part next week and then back to comic pages :)

EDIT 12/4/17: Part 2 up!

EDIT 11/27/17: Part 1 up!

Dan here, and in this chapter break we’ve got another Nightshade story!

You’ve been reading those, right? No? GASP.

There’s The Undying Voice of Julius Gordon, with little baby Thalia, Mirage, when Thalia uncovers a grand conspiracy, and Essence of Nightshade, where she trains in the secret agent arts. Seeing as she’s joining the main cast, so to speak, it’s time to tell A Life in Whispers, the story of how she comes fully into her own.

As before, this story was written by guest contributor Josh Connor, author of the webcomic Steel Salvation, with Dan providing story guidance to make it canon along with writing the archivist commentary.

Read the intro here!

  • Also, in case you’re interested in Steel Salvation but haven’t been following us on Facebook, we just recently restarted our comic after our previous artist vanished off the face of the Earth. It’s been two years since we last updated, but now we’re back on track!

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      “after our previous artist vanished off the face of the Earth. ”
      Never ever tell grey aliens, “I’ma kick all y’all little green alien asses” because then they’ll get truly medieval with the probing.

      • I wasn’t gonna say it was aliens, but…you’re right, it was probably aliens.

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          Usually aliens.
          Unless it’s cats.

          • Or alien cats!

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            That’d be even worse!

          • The Wyrm Ouroboros

            ‘Alien cats’ is repetition. All cats are alien; Q.E.D.

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            My cats deny this.
            Honestly, I don’t believe their denials.
            But to keep the peace, and my existence, I play along.

          • Hornet

            Has someone been playing Armada?

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            “Va ka garga ka naru ha garga!”

          • DeNitro

            My favorite is still WC3 Heart of the Tiger,, wasn’t about the blocky video cutsceens with Mark Hamill, I just miss having a Kilrathi Pilot call out, “You pathetic descendant of monkeys!” Or tell me to “Die you furless Freak.” Just before I blow it’s ship up.. 😆

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            And your available response, in wc2, was a relatively weak “You’re starting to crack” or “Slag off”.

      • They HATE that whole green stereotyping thing.

  • Honza Prchal

    Oh man, she’s got issues, and I’m gonna pay …