Sep 2019

Intermission: Hiatus Guest Art 2019

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This hiatus went on a long time, but we had a lot of great art from a lot of amazing artists to bridge the gap! You should definitely check them out!

Agent Nightshade – by Vanessa of Radio Silence

Viktor, by Burrell Gill Jr

Demon Cats, by Neil Kapit

Rick is Dubious, by Sonya Somers

Men, by Darwin Randall

Tenzin, by Woodrow Eliot

Rick Can Fix It, by Sonya Somers

Battered Tenzin, by CB Webb

Agent G, by Micah Weltsch

Viktor is Handi-Capable, by Jim Haas

Viktor’s Prank, by Marius Hjelseth

Lily and Janebot, by CheruSake

Greasy Rick, by Vanessa of Radio Silence

Lily and Tenzin, by Funari

3D Agent Nightshade, by H. D. Harris