Dec 2015

Intermission: Holiday Hiatus – Guest Art

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I’ll update this post with the various intermission things I post, changing the image each time and linking them in the post as I do.

First up is this poster of Tenzin and Indira.

Next is this piece of Tenzin and Lily.

And now this fun drawing of an indignant Jane.

The first of a set of Lily and Janebot drawings, by a mysterious John Doe stranger friend!

Interrupting our regularly scheduled Lily and Janebot drawings, I give you “Deathbot Wants Hugs” :D

Another Lily and Janebot guest art!


Thanks to everyone who made us some excellent guest art :D

  • Adriano

    I have only one thing to say here :

    • theRoUS


  • Purphoros

    That art style is unmistakable. Indignant Jane is definitely from the same person that draws “Out of my Element”.

    • Got it in one :) On the page specifically for this piece (linked in the author commentary) I linked to Alli, artist of OoME :)

      • Purphoros

        Whoa, you’re fast! I just wanted to append the name of the artist (that I couldn’t recall as instantly as I recognized the style) to my comment after clicking the link and there’s already your reply.

        • Heh, you caught me sitting at my computer, and the ding of an email. Instant gratification ;)

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