Mar 2015

Intermission: Meet Thalia Gordon

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Hey all! I figured that between chapters would be a good time to spotlight some short stories written by guest writer Josh Connor.  He’s previously written The Undying Voice of Julius Gordon, and we are now beginning to post the second story focusing on Thalia (who will be a character in the main comic story at some point, like Chapter 10-11), called Mirage.

Check them out!

Chapter 6 will start on Monday.

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  • Joel Joseph

    Just curious. What nationality/ethnicity is she? Being born in the back of a wagon, I was thinking she might be a Gypsy, but then again after the Collapse, I imagine lots of people would be living like Gypsies.

    • Black British, for the most part, is Thalia’s pre-War national/ethnic heritage. Beyond that, I haven’t really decided/done her genealogy ;)

  • I did not! Interesting :)