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Jun 2017

Jane and Lily, by Val Sannais

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Hey everybody! Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been so busy XD

First, here’s another great guest art, this one by Val Sannais, artist of the webcomic Starfall.


B, my plan is still to start posting new content next Monday. Seba drew 4 “After Credit” pages for Chapter 12 that we’ll do before we start Chapter 13 :D

III. If I can get my kickstarter video made, I hope to be launching and running that in July. Go back a page for some of my thoughts and ideas on that if you have suggestions on rewards and tiers and etc.

  • wow! cool pic!

  • AWESOME! And thanks for the mention!

  • Ragnarok

    You mess with Lily, and Jane will END YOU.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    The view is from the floor, from the right eye of a dude who just got tripod botted.
    The ignominy.

    • As Lily looks on smiling XD

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Jane: “DON’T bother my sister.”

  • Hornet

    You know Tribot is going to grow into Lilies Guardian Bot (Robocop3 Ed 209: loyal as a puppy).