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Aug 2019

Lily and Janebot, by CheruSake

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Another guest art, this own by the artist CheruSake, who previously drew a fun pic of Angeline for us.

Since last post, I’ve started working with 4 different possible artists, hiring them to draw a page each as an “audition” of sorts. I will be paying these artists out of whatever money we earn from the comic. Currently, that will mean ONE black and white page a month.

If you would like to see more of our comic at an increased rate, or even in color again, we need your support. Even just a dollar a month on Patreon can go a long way, and you’ll get to see sketches and pages in advance! The test pages will be going up there, and Patrons will get to help me decide who to choose to be our new main artist!

You can also buy a physical or digital copy of our books! I have a $5 off sale going on at the moment for Volume 1 if you use the code FACEBOOK-VOLUME1, good for the first 10 buyers. AND I have 10 SIGNED copies of Volume 1 up for sale in the shop :)