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Jan 2017

Lock Down, by Sam Orchard

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Happy New Years, everyone!

Here’s another Secret Santa gift we got, as part of the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange, from Sam Orchard, creator of the webcomic Rooster Tails.


We participated as well, making this crossover pic for the comic Between Hay and Grass.

Cute kids and robots FTW!

Cute kids and robots FTW!

Anyways, it looks like I have ~3 more pieces of guest art to post, and that we’ll be launching Chapter 12 on the 16th of January. That’s the current plan at least :) You can see the cover and some pages already if you check out our Patreon :)

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “That’s a garage door opener, Tenzin!”

    • Adriano

      *trumpet fail sound*

    • DeNitro

      If he has my luck, One press of button will malfunction, arcing and smoking while shocking him unconscious….

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        It does a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on him?

        • DeNitro

          The Note7 was more of a burning and exploding experience, but you get idea..

          Mine was more like well,,,

          A sight that can be created only once,,, by any dimwit convinced it is a waste of beer money to call a electrician to work on commercial 480v three phase..

          Yikes… 😨

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            I only got to experience elevator 220 AC.

          • DeNitro

            While even a little electricity is deadly, as little as 10mA will stop a healthy heart. Good argument tasers and stun guns should never be marketed as safe “Non Lethal” weapons.

            There is a very gruesome difference when making an error with a 30amp 380v three phase circuit compared to a 30amp 120v single phase circuit. Both will kill before the breaker trips, but the 380v three phase with its near continous duty cycle will likely involve dental records for an ID..

          • DeNitro

            A Maintenance guy I had worked with bragged about his lucky brushes and bites,, until I showed him online what I was really talking about with the 380v three phase..

            Below is video test result of just switching the 100amp disconnect off. No one used to tell their employees how dangerous these power mains are, or even to stand to the side when tripping one…


            And working near a energized uncovered box with 380v or higher AC is,,,, well, just a high stakes question on how few things will NOT trigger a deadly arc.

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            It is “severely deleterious to existence” to be near THAT stuff.
            I was lucky it was 220 AC that bit me.
            And that only happened because as an older system it had no lockout/tagout on the power box, and the building super said, “Here, let me help” as he turned it back on as I was working.
            If it was something worse instead..yikes.

          • DeNitro

            Never temp fate with “What’s Worst,” high voltage and or frequency are right up there with radioactive materials to me. Seen others with RF & lightning burns, was nasty,, content to be told about radiation..

            Really not trying to brag or ruin my own luck, just having survived other peoples cross wired circuits, faulty extension cords, equipment, and mother nature shocking me. I realise fate just hasn’t tried hard enough YET and I now lock and tag out the whole area and go cordless OR let someone else fix it..

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            I wish lockout tagout was available on that elevator.
            At least it wasn’t an Otis 1 SOB controller with the giant carbon contacts arc flashing like mad because some moron removed the flash cards from between the contacts.
            (Again, building super being “brilliant”.)

            I’d been pointing out a broken foil path on the controller that bit me when the building super “helped”.
            With the set de-energized, I had been safe to point it out.
            I had enough time to register that something bad happened before the bright flash rocketed my hand backwards.
            My father told the super that I would likely give him a head start before hunting him down with my ball peen hammer.
            He didn’t start running until he saw me pick my hammer up out of the bag.

            And people ask me why I don’t work on elevators as an occupation.
            If the elevator itself hasn’t been peed on by the crack dealers in Elizabeth NJ, the building supers are damaging things or trying to injure you through idiocy.

          • DeNitro

            In high school, I had put an Accel Super Coil on my V8 Dodge. The coil wire bit me at idle speed, my arm instantly flung extended elbow locked. It nearly broke my wrist when it slammed back of my fist bleeding all over the firewall.

            But that didn’t hurt a fraction as bad as years later, working in control cabinet of my properly locked and tagged out 380v machine. When a Mensa Candidate I worked with decided output tray of my larger device was a good place to sit while operating his smaller portable 220v machine. In that loud environment, didn’t hear him do it, but 220v with a phase mismatch error back to it’s common through my dominant forearm got my attention. It hurt for almost three weeks. Much longer than what a logic board 50mA quick fuse popping would’ve made you think.

            Yea, 220v, you’re Dads smart,, I would have hit him with a hammer too.

            Oh,, there was 440v three phase on the thermoplastic molding press. Squirrel found way into shop, we tryed to chase outside but it instead it choose to go inside 440v junction box beside machine. Loud bang, blinding flash, 440v circuit trips. Lock out and inspection finds only carbon, shadowing, and arc marks where a squirrel had been.

            That’s why, whenever asked as I grew older, “I Forgot” how to work on high voltage… 😆

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Paint a squirrel killmark on the press?
            Vernon NJ, early 80’s, power goes out after the sky lit up like Thor got pissed at something truly fiercely.
            We find out later that it was our power substation, then sitting by Breakneck Road, was pretty decently damaged by a raccoon.
            And they only knew that because they found the tail smoking where it landed.
            Everything else was gone.

            I did not catch the building super, I was a little too hurt to do more than a fast zombie shuffle.
            I had “the shakes”

          • DeNitro

            Plastic Dept manager was teased about a squrrell kill tally, but as truly homicidal as that dangerous equipment was in operation, you didn’t want to give it any incentive…

            Wow,, a zombie shuffle..👍 I was just happy being able to grip things in that hand later that evening..

  • Eoraptor

    trry the mute button!

    • Heaven help whoever tries to mute Jane first ;)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        The volume controls get remapped.
        Hilarity in cyberspace ensues.