Sep 2016

Minerva: Chapter Eleven – Conspiracies

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Alright, we’re back and loading up Chapter 11.  We posted a fair amount of commisioned guest art and etc during the hiatus. I’ll put together an “Intermission Summary” today, sticking it previous to this one, linking to all the things.

Speaking of commissions, It’s been a while since I’ve directly plugged and pleaded for financial support. Making a comic is expensive, especially when you have no art skills of your own XD Any financial support any reader can provide, whether as a recurring pledge on Patreon or a one time donation via PayPal, goes into my Comic Fund, to commission art, music, guest writers, and pay for advertising. I’m prepping a Kickstarter (Printed volume of Chapters 1-3!), and it would be nice to be able to pay someone with video editing skill too.

Hmm, I should make one of those donation tracker things to show what we’re raising it for.  Now just to commission someone with art skills to make it for me XD

  • T.R.

    And something that doesn’t cost money: Clicking on the TopWebComics banner and voting. Generate PR/Buzz for Dan & Co.

    And you could join us on Patreon too. Even if it’s just a little, it helps.

    • T.R.

      At last check, we’re at #228, with 145 votes this month (6/day). #200 is at 175 votes (< 8/day) So if we can get 10 more people to vote on the days that Dan posts an update, we'll be on pace to crack #200. If we can get 20 to remember to vote on those days, we'd be on pace for near #150.

      YOUR vote will make a difference – so let's bump this thing back above #200.

      • NickDA

        I approve this message :D

      • Delta-v

        I LIKE the way you think. ^^

        Also, as a heads up, TWC’s algorithm for tabulating daily votes is currently malfunctioning, and resets after only a few hours, instead of once a day. >>

        • T.R.

          So vote early/vote often?

          We’re up to #215 (176 votes), and 12 votes behind #200. Great pace, let’s keep it up. :D

          • You guys are great. I should make a different vote reward. Any suggestions?

          • Delta-v

            Well, in some areas that is traditional…….

  • T.R.

    And from the picture, looks like Angelique (and Lilly) has some interesting new used parts to play with. I think Tenzin’s about to get a “new to him” right arm!

    I wonder how long Sopka’s transceiver worked after the Deatbots were defeated…

    • NickDA

      Hah… they just copy paste a deathbot arm on for him… the irony :D

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Crazy Hamid’s used Deathbot Parts, will beat anyone’s prices!
      Our prices are insane!
      (Crazy Eddie died this weekend)

      • T.R.

        All sales final – no refunds or exchanges.

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          Buyer agrees to hold seller blameless in the event of accidental reactivation and death and dismemberment due to same.

  • Adriano

    Angeline as pretty as ever <3
    When will Tenzin make a move yo

    Also I love Lily's newest haircut! Actually, who choose her haircut? Is it Jane? Somehow I don't see Angeline going to the hairdresser with Lily.

    I bet it's Jane.

    • We actually have a cannon about Lily’s hair.

      • Heh.

        Cannon = big gun.

        Canon = officially part of the plot.


        • NickDA

          Why not both?

          • I like the way you think

  • Melissa J Massey

    Love this new cover page. Such a striking change in tone between the foreground with Lily playing in the rubble to Angeline quietly assessing data in the background. There’s a very real tension underlying it and it’s just making me more excited for this next chapter!

  • Adriano

    Have you done your dailly vote, Minervans?
    Voting everyday at TWC is an important part of a minervan citizen’s life.
    Please support our democracy and use your freedom!

  • I never noticed before, but Angeline looks a little like Jane. Like mother, like daughter?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    I like the cooling lines being color coded, hot and cold.

  • Testing some Disqus ad settings for possible revenue source. Let me know how obnoxious it is, k?

    • Adriano

      seems stealthy for me, as far.
      I’ve seen webcomics using disqus ad where it was literally taking over the comment section.

      • I’ll see if its even worth it by next week, when I get an idea of how much it can even earn.