• Dan Treasure

    I like the movie-poster style here. Are wallpapers available?

    • demonarchives

      Currently yes but insanely expensive (very high quality) via deviantart.com. I am currently working on getting our “store” section up and running. Also… congrats… you just won that poster as referenced in a later comment thread (first new person).

    • demonarchives

      email me at [email protected] with your details and it’ll get in the mail.

  • Legendary Sisters

    I like the propaganda style poster. The juxtaposition of warriors with the seemingly mythical beast behind them reminds me of some of the posters to The Red Star.

    • Thanks, we give Seba free rein on all the covers to just go “full awesome”. This one we really liked the Oni (the Japanese demon) growing out of / continuation of the mountain. That and the symbolism of it being “Tenzin’s” demon in the posturing etc… the monkey on his back if you will.

  • Aaron Ray

    Tower shields are always cool.

    • Darn right they are! That’s why they are Viktor’s #1 choice ;)

  • nightgaunt

    Nice splash page.

  • legothief

    That demon-ogre is freakin’ awesome!

  • I can fully imagine seeing this sitting on a shelf in a bookstore somewhere, or hanging on someone’s wall. The monster in the background is especially striking, and I’m very curious about it because it seems to be attacking with the soldiers. I look forward to seeing how he figures into things.

    • Heh, it’s a little (read: lot) more symbolic than actual. Kind of representing Tenzin’s demons/chip on his shoulder sort of thing. No actual demons in our comic, sadly ;)

  • Hi, Sharps! I just read through the prologue and I wanted to say that while I’m not a big fan of either apocalypse or war stories, I have really enjoyed what you’ve put together here. I think the writing is really good, I especially like the way you opened it with the quote and the premise that fighting is always economically motivated. And I think you’ve found yourself a really good artist to work with as well. I hope you guys have lots of success! :D

    • Thanks, Sam! How did you find us if you don’t mind me asking, since we aren’t really your genre? Not complaining, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the other chapters too. My wife’s insight is always very useful to me, and she doesn’t like my comic at all really :D

      • Hmm, googling your name plus comic leads me to thinking you make the Woohooligan, and are a fellow Underdog? Maybe?

        • Thanks, Daniel. Yep, Woohooligan is my work. :D I am an Underdog, although to be honest, I haven’t kept up with the group very well. D’oh! :B

      • Gosh, you know, I wish I could remember how I found it… man… sorry, I came down with a stomach flu right after and was out for a couple days and I just don’t remember at all. But certainly if I find some time to read more, I’ll give you my thoughts on that as well. :D The stuff I read usually is gag-a-day fare like my own woohooligan.com – I find it challenging to find time to read much story-driven work between software work, 3 kids and my own comic.

  • Gendgi SevenBlades

    Love the art and the story, great job!

    • Muito Obrigado, Gendgi! :D

      (Eu solo falo portuñol, nao portuges) ;)

      But seriously, thanks! Hope to hear from you on later pages too :D

  • Nemo Uiruson

    awesome, AWESOME cover

    • NickDA

      I love the left hand of the Oni demon… my favorite part.

      • theRoUS

        My first impression was that it was a kallikantzeros.

  • I really liked the prologue! Short, snappy and capturing the essence of what we need to know. Awesome!

    • Thanks :D We actually wrote the prologue AFTER chapter 1 in hopes that it would accomplish that :D Especially before the wordier character intros began.

  • Jens Richard

    Found this from Gone With The Blastwave.
    This is so Epic. So Warhammer 40K/Fallout
    I love love this. Cant wait to read on and see where this is going. Bedst Prolog ever. So complete whit so little words.

    • Thanks for the comment! Sounds like that ad was money well spent :D

      Do let me know if you continue to enjoy via the comments :)

  • Adriano

    Can’t wait to get to the part where they all die! o/

  • Edina Bikic

    Face Palm.

    • ? Why are we face palming at the chapter cover?

      • Henrik Svantesson

        Might be same reason we facepalm at similar 40k pictures – WEAR YOUR GODDAMN HELMET SOLDIER! Also, TAKE COVER DAMMIT!

        Just found this through Vanguard and am greatly looking forward to the read!

        • Oh well if you’re a fan of Vanguard I don’t have to worry about the level of gore bothering you. In fact, you’ll probably want me to ramp it up! ;)

          • Henrik Svantesson


            The only things that bother me is when weird shit happens and none of the characters in the story notices that it’s fucking weird. :P

            Curious considering the realistic/internal consistence theme that I do so love yet find so little of, have you read Worm?

          • I don’t think I have read Worm (since I’m googling trying to figure out what it is. Is it the web serial about a super teen?).

          • Henrik Svantesson

            Ah, seems my reply here did not get posted properly.

            Not sure if I should be sharing this (this book was a major source
            of procrastination for half a year and I -like- this comic), but yes,
            that’s the one.

            It’s a supervillain/hero/something with the ability to control
            insects who is VERY lethally and horrenduously clever with the
            ability, and follows a similar rule of realism/internal
            consistency/practicality throughout with people reacting
            realistically to unlikely events (like parahumans without obvious
            defensive abilities surviving situations where ordinary humans would
            die with a high frequency – you suspect they have more powers than
            they let on, or something else is up).

            The lethality rate makes Vanguard look downright pleasant, even
            with an informal policy among both “heroes” and “villains”
            of avoiding lethal damage to avoid superjail – this policy
            implemented due to the need for villains to show up when Endbringers attack. Endbringers being really freaking weird superbeings that makes the likes of Doomsday and Thanos seem downright benevolent in comparison. Dozens if not hundreds of heroes and villains die every time one shows up. A casualty rate of 1 in 4 is considered a good result – though part of that is the disorganized way they fight them.

            In short, really addictive, really awesome book that deconstructs the tropes around supers and what consequences you might expect of such powers being around in the world.