• Amberlight

    So… I guess Konstantin didn’t listen to his dad after all.

    • Every teenager… full grown man, goes through a rebellious phase? XD

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    StAnd StILL MeATbaGs, I HavE FTd dELiVeRy!

    • Heh. As an aside, Nick and I were legitimately looking into making tactical bricks as a Kickstarter reward ;)

      They might cause problems with shipping though (not technically “media mail” for cheap shipping).

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        They’re a patented Bad Idea™®© of Bad Idea Co. and will likely never be practical to exist as a “real thing”.
        Still, imagine the look of the face of security as they x-ray the parcel and see “tactical brick mk 1” or some such.

      • T.R.

        Dan, if you ever do an appearance, looks like you can get printed foam bricks at 100 for < $200. I'd buy a few…

        Think of it: official licensed replicas of the Minerva Mk1 Tactical Brick. :)

        • Yeah something like that would be hilarious to bring to a con :D

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Someone dressed as a soldatiki complete with the tactical brick pocket.

    • Honza Prchal

      Ftd for smrtbot would be the usual F, terminating delivery, no?

      • T.R.

        “FTD? Flowers? What are the flowers for?”
        “For your funeral, sir.”
        “Oh, crap…”

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Followed by binary code slam poetry reading.

  • T.R.

    Not sure why this popped into my head…

    *knock knock*
    “Who’s there?”
    “Deathbot here, ma’am”
    “I said that I’m a Deathbot, ma’am
    “Are you sure you’re not an encyclopedia salesman?”
    “yes ma’am, just a Deathbot here to clear a meatling infestation.”
    “well, as long as you’re not an encyclopedia salesman” [opens door]

    [Wondering if the young’uns will recognize the reference…]

    • Sounds like Monty Python. *checks* It IS! :D

      Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re the T.R. who just pledged on the kickstarter :D :D

      • T.R.

        Guilty as charged! Glad to hear that pledge went through. My browser window is still spinning with the “We’re finalizing your pledge…” message. Now I can pack up and drive home!

        And BTW, there’s not TWC “click to vote” banner on this page… Tomorrow is a new month, with new totals…

        • Yeah, I suppose I should add the “vote please thing”, just didn’t want to overdo it on the things to make people click ;)

  • Hornet

    Well guess our heroes made their exit just in time.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    *seriously messed up reverb text*

  • Amberlight

    Hm, why does everyone here have blond hair? Did they have a special eugenic program to breed perfect blondies over the last 100 years?

    • Heh, probably a mix of Seba going for a look (These are Konstantin’s people, let’s have them look distinct!), maybe a bit of thinking all Russians are blonde or something and I didn’t notice to bother him about it, or I can make up some god in world reasons (small sample size, genetic Founder effect, etc). XD

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Population selection bias.
        They have a preference for certain traits, and leave those without said traits exposed on a hillside.
        Oh, that was ancient Sparta.

      • Amberlight

        Poke, poke. Page please?)

        2017-08-01 22:31 GMT+05:00 Disqus :

  • Devilish

    APER: “Konstantin’s Pizza, how may I be of assistance.”

    “I’d like to order four cheese pizzas, medium, one pepperoni sausage pizza, large, two two liter bottles of coke, and a side of tactical bricks.”

    APER: “Will that be all madam?”


    APER: “Good. We’ll have it delivered faster than an airstrike, and doubly as effective as an APER’s weapons.”

    *Arrives at walls disguised as vehicle*

    APER: *Imitating human voice* “Please, sir, if you will let me through, I have pizzas to deliver.”

    “Okeydoke, seems good to me. Go on through.”

    APER on chapter cover: “Pizza Delivery. I have a few flechettes and bullets along with a side of destruction.”

  • Ian Brown

    mmm deathpizza

  • T.R.

    I wonder how Sopka will break the news to Konstantin. Will he wait for one of their chats? Or will a deathbot find Konstantin mid-rampage and stop to chat with the meatlilng and point out where Konstantin made decisions that lead to Sopka’s escape.

    I wonder what Sopka intends to gain from collapsing Konstantin’s settlement. It hasn’t shown any indication of emotion, so “rebellion” seems an unlikely cause. It’s shown curiosity about Jane (in that creepy, stalker sense) – but that didn’t seem strong enough to trigger an attempt to go meet IRL at all costs.

    Is it trying to take over Konstantin’s base of operation and gain control of the resources? (factories/power generation) If so, does it think it can automate the factory and create more Deathbots without human help? Or will it enslave the population to server its needs? Or has it made arrangements with one of the factions that are in play? (and how far back do those arrangements go? Maybe Goro could answer?)

    So much possibility. I wonder where Dan & Co. will take us next – buckle up!

  • There WILL be a new page today, btw. Just waiting for Seba to add the dialogue to it :)

  • Wow, this page is amazing!