Jan 2017

Minerva: Chapter Twelve – Consequences

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Alright, starting back up with Chapter 12! Thanks to everyone who contributed guest art and etc. These links below will stay in the comic archive, and they’re all in the Fan Art section (under the Extras tab) forever :)

Theories on what to expect this chapter? ;)

  • T.R.

    I’m gonna guess that Tenzin is court for something – and that Oculus pushed for the charges. (either publicly or privately) Probably for what happened in the battle against the invaders a few chapters ago. The Oculus guard looks angry, while the Aegis guard looks…resigned? disinterested? Embarrassed?

    Maybe he’s getting hung out to dry by the general? Or that the general expects a finding of not guilty? (just guessing here, but I don’t see the general (Kubiak?) letting Tenzin take the fall for going on a mission that Kubiak authorized) I don’t think he’s there to testify, as guards usually are not needed for witnesses.

    Tenzin looks like he has his game face on, so he seems to consider the matter important – though it may only matter to his sense of honor.

    • Kubek is the spelling, btw XD

      • T.R.

        Right. Watched the Patsies beat the Texas in football this weekend – and had the Texans’ former coach’s name (Kubiak) still rattling in my brain. (and I wonder where my 7 y.o. son gets his talent for obscure trivia…)

  • Adriano

    Martial court, really?

    • T.R.

      I’m going on a limb and think it’s not a court martial. I expect a court martial would be Aegis-specific – and the presence of an Oculus representative tells me that it’s a Minerva thing involving all 3 groups.

      • Adriano

        Somehow I feel Jane will be a key witness
        I think you may be right, it might be more a civilian court, as a martial court might’ve been biased in favor of Captain Dorje
        Also nice pun

  • Honza Prchal

    At first I thought Tenzin was rolling in to preside over a court-martial. T.R. convinced me I am in error.

    • Adriano

      >Be me, Captain Tenzin Dorje, crippled soldier
      >Ruin Oculus’ peace plans
      >Disobey some taboo or even orders by going back to Arkjut
      >Destroy expensive gear
      >End up presiding a court smh

      • Honza Prchal

        ;-) Well, when the peace plans tend to cause as much bloodshed as UN recommendations in the Holy Land or Sri Lanka … there’s something to be said for a strictly military solution.
        Speaking of which, since I had to look up “SMH”, it can also be Strictly Military Solution … and if Russians are involved, you know it shall be strict!

        • DeNitro

          Don’t feel too bad on looking up “SMH” I predate cell phone texting, they had this innovative way of doing it when I was first able to get electronic communicatons at home. Involved a full size keyboard and computer with a single 8bit processor running at a blistering 4.77mh clock speed, displaying data on a green phosphor monochrome CRT.

          Flash forward all these years, through BBS’s, Pre-Internet networks, E-mail, then Mailing lists, Forums, Blogs, then (Anti)Social networks. Never forget we took those abilitys from monochrome to full true color, text to voice to live video,, Fulfilled our dreams of a free and open Internet, And now have that portable dream computer more powerful than a room full of those we once used, able to video chat with friends on the other side of world. All while your sitting bored in some waiting room.

          Somehow the new generations no longer care to work to defend the Internet, but they “dig” typing monochrome text messages with thumbs, It’s so high tech. We’ve been using keyboards and Instant messaging for decades, but let them have the illusion their accomplishing so much that way.

          Ironicly, This is how you showed “shaking my head” on everything from e-mail up to the Social Networks,, couldn’t send gif’s via txt until MMS and then it was just making a sad excuse..

  • T.R.

    Hey Dan and Seba:
    What are you hiding on the picture below the Minerva logo – behind Tenzin’s head? I doubt it’s blank space, and you two *love* hiding those hints. :)

    Also, just noticed that the Oculus guy is armed and the Aegis soldier isn’t. I recall that Oculus has responsibility for internal security, and this would be consistent with the picture showing a civilian (Minerva) trial rather than a military (Aegis) one.

    • Well, along with your other theories, you’ll have to wait and see ;)

      This is after all an issue Cover, which is sometimes a bit more about conveying the idea of the issue then about the precise orientation and makeup of a background element.

      … Or IS it?!

      • T.R.

        I’ve noticed that Seba pays lots of attention to detail – so I doubt it was unintentional. And what better place to hide a hint than on the issue cover?

        It may not be a significant detail back there, but there’s *something* on that poster behind his head that you’ll reveal later.

  • He looks very dapper in his dress uniform. Looks however like he might be going to court martial?? HErmmmm… I see other similar thoughts throughout the comments section. I will be patient and see how this plays out! :)

  • He still commands a room without leaving his chair

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    In court for a traffic ticket.