Nov 2013

Minerva: Chapter Zero – Prologue

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Gotta start out with an inspirational quote.

EDIT:  I should probably add some more text here since it is the first page a lot of readers will see.

Welcome to The Demon Archives!  In case you didn’t know, we’re a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, military-warfare graphic novel (too many hyphens!), dabbling in topics such as the singularity, the nature of humanity, intelligence, and self identity.  Due to the nature of the comic, there will be violence, and occasional language, but we’re working hard to keep it PG-13.

The next several pages are an introductory prologue to the world of The Demon Archives to give you the context for the larger story that starts with Chapter 1.  We hope you enjoy, and will let us know what you think :D

EDIT 2: New intro page! Click back one to see!

  • Charlie

    What a great way to start! I love the quote, and the panel looks like a tombstone. Foreshadowing?

    • You know, I never noticed the tombstone appearance before…I mean, of course it was foreshadowing! I am a master storyteller! ;)

      • Charlie

        Well, having just finished all the posted comics, I have to agree. It’s great stuff.

        • Aw, thanks Charlie :) And especially thanks for the plethora of kind comments :)

  • mcmasters

    I’ll jump in and disagree with the quote! But it sets a cool mood for the comic to come.

    • Citation needed! hehehe… but in curious nature, what is your thought on the quote?

      • JE Moody

        I thought all the major wars have been over religion.

        • Depends probably on your definition of major war. I don’t think the World War’s were, or the conflicts in the Cold War. Those were all based on economics and economic ideologies. It’s possible that the wars with obvious religious aspects (the Crusades) also had economic aspects to it (conquering land and claiming treasure?).

          All in all, I just needed an applicable quote to start it all off :)

  • Legendary Sisters

    I’ll echo what others have said, this is indeed a great quote. It makes me immediately curious if I’m going to see a destitute world that is battling over resources or a more literal cyberpunk style war that is literally economic…

  • Delta-v

    Hello, everyone. You’ll see more of me later, but right now I’m going back in time to ask you, if you like this comic, to please vote for it. It’s way too good to be buried where it used to be, and your vote, every day, will prevent that. I know the crew that created it will be grateful. Read, consider, and, if you like it, vote.

    Also, read all the comments. DA has attracted a rather high class of commenter, with no nincompoops (possibly except for me), and it’s worth reading the back-and-forth. I encourage you to join in, and I’m sure the creators of this fine comic do too. :)

    • Aww, thanks @disqus_YXP2bgiR4G:disqus. You wanna go write one of these on Chapter 1: Page 3? ;) That’s my wordiest page (before I got better at pacing) where the majority of those who will drop off do.

      • Delta-v

        On it. EDIT: Whoa, a link for me? Are you trying to warp these good folk? :)

  • Gillsing

    I’m not seeing a comic page here.

    • Really? That’s no good. Are you having problems seeing the following pages or just this one? This one is just black with a quote on it, so you aren’t missing anything horribly important, as long as you can see the rest of the pages. Do let me know.

      • Gillsing

        Well, I can see this page now, but I still can’t see the other pages. Strange. I’m using Opera 12.16 in case that would be of interest.

        • Weird. I’ll make sure to bring this to my webmaster’s @demonarchives:disqus attention. I hope you keep trying.

        • Heyo… I just tried my Opera so I’m not thinking it is a browser specific thing. I sometimes have issues with network proxies (especially at work). Ping me with some more details if you’d like and I’ll look into it: [email protected] – details I’d need are if there are any errors on the page (opera has nice developer tools you can get to via right click -> inspect element or similar) and OS etc.

          • Gillsing

            Well, I know how to “inspect element”, but I can’t really tell much from the code, other than that it has a bunch of javascripts. I assume one of those is supposed to load the image? (Which I can’t see, again.) Other than that it seems as if my “inspect element” is finding 507 errors with the code, so I have no idea what’s up with that. Is it because I’m using Windows XP with a too old service pack?

          • I will honestly give that a check… I definitely didn’t test in Opera on WinXP so it very well might be that, and 507 errors on the page might seem indicative of that. Can you see the images on this page: http://demonarchives.com/comic/ ? Not as cool of a page by page but let me know if you can see the images at least… we’d miss your comments on a page by page if you end up reading that way :D

          • Gillsing

            No, all I see are tiny areas with “Image” in them above the title texts. Unless I load the page with javascripts turned off. Then I see the images. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to do it that way then. I guess I could just turn the scripts on if there’s something I really need to say. ;-)

  • DaveP.

    That doesn’t mean they’re bad reasons. Rich is better than poor, well-fed is better than starving, and options for the future is always better than no choice at all.

    • Very true! Not all reasons are bad, for sure :) In general, war is often morally grey, since what is good for your country and people (well-fed, for example) often comes at the expense of other countries/peoples.

  • Judith Bradford

    I have also heard the same proposition phrased thusly: All wars are resource wars.

  • Duncan Appleby

    Well, not only was this webcomic so gripping that I was unable to put it down until I had finished it in one sitting last night, leaving me with less than 6 hours of sleep before a long day of singing, but I couldn’t zoom in on the pages so have to read the entire thing again (no great chore, mind you) on my tablet to properly appreciate the awesome art, especially the larger pages. I’m looking forward to it! I’ll hopefully leave some comments this time round too :-D

    • Hehe Awesome! And, I’m sorry, I guess? ;)

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts :D

  • Taking214

    i just wanna congratulate you on the work you’ve done on this series. i dunno, i guess i just thought it would be better to place this here, at the start, instead of intruding on the discussion later. but seriously, great work. i love this story so far, and i can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Thanks so much! I’d love to hear from you in the current discussions as well :)