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Mar 2013

Minerva – Part 1

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I previously wrote that it was unclear when our organization switched names from The Foundation to Minerva.  That may have been a little premature.  It has been known for some time that before the War, they went by the former name, and that in most of the early records after the Long Winter use the latter.  The archiving of several dozen notebooks, memos and journals belonging to various researchers of little influence, while not adding much to the body of scientific knowledge, have revealed some important facts about the development of the organization we now know as Minerva.

The Environmental Department gave their final report to the Council today.  It seems the radiation levels have dropped enough to begin farming the valleys near the bunkers.  They were very professional, and kept internal politics out of it completely, but it didn’t take long for the Neo-Romans to plug it into their propaganda.  Some might find their speech of ideals and opportunities inspiring, but I’d rather we just stay to ourselves.  We’ve got enough trouble feeding ourselves without expanding and taking in more refugees.

-From the personal journal of Arkadiusz Siemowit, a Polish endocrinologist, circa February 2023.


Tensions are running hot.  The Neo-Romans have appointed their own Regency in opposition to the Council.  My lab and the rest of the geneticists have managed to stay out of it, but lots of people are starting to pick sides.  Unfortunately the Neo-Romans are attracting most of the weapons researchers, while the Council has mainly the liberal arts and sociologists behind them.  It doesn’t take more than common sense to see how this is going.  What do you think we should do?

-Excerpt from a personal letter to Slava Pavletic, written by Ryoichi Nishimura, circa May 2023.


It’s done.  The Council folded before it resorted to violence.  Good thing too.  We need every able-bodied person to get this first crop harvested.  Winter comes early these days.  I’m fine with the symbolism of their movement and everything, I just hope that the Regents don’t require an offering to their idol.

-From the personal journal of Ampelio Veronesi, an Italian anthropologist, circa August 2023.

While the name Minerva is not explicitly stated in these or any of the other records yet archived for this time period, it seems logical to me that the name change occurred in the summer of 2023 as part of the change of power between the Foundation Council and these Neo-Roman Regents.  As early as 2028 we have record of the Minervan Regency as the governing board.  Any student of ancient history will know that Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and warfare, two principles that seem to fit our history rather well.  I am quite confident that these Neo-Romans were the source of the name, Minerva, and the source of the change in mission from the original Foundation.

  • tnzn

    The Neo-Romans have appointed their own Regency in opposition to the Council.

    Man, I can’t believe you never played Fallout. You’re going to have a major déjà vu when you do xD.

    Caesar (warning, spoilers!)

    • Man, I really do need to play Fallout one of these days, since everyone keeps making comparisons :)

      At least no one thinks we’re like The Walking Dead or anything :D

      • tnzn

        That would be an insult. You got a good piece of hard sci-fi here not some mellow zombie fantasy :)

        If anything, what you’re doing here is more comparable to the stuff Peter Watts does. Have you heard about his Blindsight? A book about the nature of consciousness which has a friggin’ bibliography section at the end while still packing a great story ;) And elaborate worldbuilding (see his take on biology and evolution of Homo Sapiens Vampiris; that’s no Twilight).

      • Adriano

        So, did you play it ?

  • tnzn

    Also, we got Polish researchers at Minerva. Yeah :)

    • We’re very mutlinational. It seems like most post-apoc media is set in ex-USA. I wanted something a little different by setting in Asia and making it very diverse, nationality/ethnicity and etc.

      • tnzn

        Kyrgyzstan is an interesting choice. I know next to nothing about it and learning about a place through a piece of good fiction is what I like. But I’m going to confuse the hell out of locals by asking them to lead me to the Foundation HQ if I ever visit :)

  • Honza Prchal

    I am surprised no one is pointing to the head of the gorgon, Medusa, on the armour. Not far away from Minerva, Alexander the Great/Iskinder set up an empire of his own wearing armour like that.