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Mar 2015

Mirage – Introduction

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Just who is Thalia Gordon?

I can’t find any official record of her in the databases.  According to Minerva, no such an individual ever existed.

And yet, she keeps popping up when I read original, un-indexed documents.

Who is she, and why has she been erased from the Archives?

I first found mention of Thalia in the Journal of Julius Gordon.  A young child, a refuge from the British Isles brought back to Minerva after a failed diplomatic mission.  The official reports do not mention her, and yet she is clearly there.  Sergeant Hassan mentions her often in his personal accounts, even willing her his meager possessions upon his death.  He mentions how proud he is of her accomplishments, her acceptance into Aegis’ Junior Academy.  But Aegis has no record of her existence.  When I search for her graduating class, there is LITERALLY a blank where name should be, as if she was whitewashed out.  They even digitally removed her from the photos!

After reading Julius Gordon’s journal, I found myself asking, who was she?  What did she do that was so bad or so important that it had to be classified, even beyond my reach?  After much searching (and a fair amount of hacking, I’ll admit) I may have discovered why.

I have found an account, supposedly written by this mysterious Thalia Gordon, detailing the “true” account of the events at Terekat.  It is long, and surprisingly well written, and details a story of conspiracy reaching the highest levels of Minerva. I’d be more willing to doubt it if it didn’t make sense with everything else I’ve learned.

The account is long, but I will begin analyzing it in it’s entirety, section by section, and include my thoughts and commentary.

Suffice it to say for now, I would certainly like to meet this Thalia Gordon someday.

[The following story, Mirage, broken into several chapters, was written by guest contributor Josh Connor, author of the webcomic Steel Salvation, with Dan providing story guidance to make it canon along with writing the researcher commentary.]



  • Maarten Spreij

    How.. how do they /carry/ those? or even lift them?

    • Hehehe, veeery carefully. It’s actually explained in this short story, but basically you need a big suit like Tenzin’s ;)

  • Ydo Ucare

    So much hair envy.

    Anywho, I’m excited to read this! The last one was awesome.

    • NickDA

      I love how Seba did the black hair… yet still having texture.

  • Maarten Spreij

    Is that a Ray Bradbury novel? :-)

    • Hehe, yes. You can read all about it in the previous story linked above ;)

      • Maarten Spreij

        Argh. I need to catch up a lot on all the backstory…

    • If I had access to Dan’s supply of MCs I would give you all of them for noticing that.

      • Maarten Spreij

        I like books :-)

        • Then you and Julius Gordon have a lot in common. You’ll definitely like the prequel to Mirage =)

    • Tamara Haitaka

      “Something wicked this way comes” ^^

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  • Billy Sargent

    Hair, nifty keen. Weapon… is that Corporal Hicks explaining the care & feeding of the USCMC weapon of choice I hear?

    • Hehe, yeah, she’d probably get a verbal/physical lashing for letting it touch the ground, but those guns were not meant for use by non-power armored folk ;)

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