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Apr 2014

Other Nations – Part 2

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The next three great nations that I wish to cover today formed not around a common religious concept, but rather around a relative independence and isolation from world affairs that sheltered them from the devastation of the War and the Collapse.


The Oceanic Commonwealth

The pre-War nations of Oceania, while devastated economically from the global disruption of trade, were not as directly impacted by the War. Even the recently discovered oil reserves in the Australian Outback had not yet been sufficiently developed to attract the attention of warring, energy destitute countries like Russia and China.

After the Collapse and the Winter, the people of Australia and New Zealand quickly bounced back, rebuilding damaged infrastructure and establishing trade between cities. A thriving boat culture developed, allowing trade with many of the islands in the area. It wasn’t long before a new government formed, loosely uniting the various island nations that had survived, repopulating those that hadn’t.

Today, the Commonwealth is relatively stable, if uninterested in the rest of the world. They are willing trade partners, especially for technology to improve their boats. In exchange, we import a large quantity of fish. While there was some worry that they might seek to develop their oil resources, to date they are happy to use the bio-solar technology developed by Glaucus.


The Kingdom of Madagascar

As soon the plagues and pandemics of the early 21st century began to appear around the world, the Republic of Madagascar closed its borders completely. At first, the other nations laughed in bewilderment at such extreme isolationist policies, but they would ultimately prove effective. The mutated Ebola virus decimated southern Africa, sparing Madagascar completely.

After the Long Winter ended, the island republic launched a swift invasion of the mainland, ruthlessly slaughtering thousands of plague carriers as they cut a swath across the continent. They soon established a feudal system over the land, conscripting the non-Malagasy survivors to work the farms, with the Malagasy as the ruling class.

The King of Madagascar may rule his territory with a proverbial iron fist, but his policies have proven very effective, as Africa is flourishing. Our contact with the Kingdom is limited, but initial reports from Oculus diplomats are encouraging.


The United Tribes of Amazonia

Our information on the UTA is very limited, having been collected mainly from tales of travelers and traders by Oculus agents. What we do know is that the governments of South America were some of the first to fall during the War. The populous coastal cities were destroyed by the rioting, leading to a mass exodus into the jungles. The native tribal peoples of the Amazon Basin welcomed as many of the refugees as they could, but required that they adopt their customs. For a time, it appeared that war among the various tribes was inevitable, but according to reports a peace was somehow achieved, unifying the tribes. They have little tolerance for outsiders, and continue to live according to the traditions of their ancestors.

While they reportedly shun outsiders and advanced technology, the UTA has control of a huge portion of the South American continent. There are reported cases of immigrant settlements vanishing overnight, leading Aegis to label the area a Class 3 Zone.

– A simplistic description of the current affairs of the various world powers, transcribed from a lesson on global affairs for Minervan children.  It suits my purpose, since it is all most of the adults seem to know as well.

  • For those of you who don’t get the joke, play this game:


  • Tamara Haitaka

    Cool idea that game, I’m giving it a try.

    • Lol, good luck, I can never beat it.

      *shakes fist at Madagascar*

  • Lone troll

    Well… How Minerva can trade with anyone of these new superpowers?

    It is isolated at the field of central Asia; Land contact with Papal Empire is not likely to be regular due to caucasian islamists, and we’re not talking about more distant blocks. Information, some high-quality equipment, specialists and agents can be transported by planes, but ore and fish?

    • Excellent questions ;) If only all of Minerva’s citizens were so insightful ;)

      But seriously, this is simplistic Minervan propaganda about the rest of the world. Might not even be fully accurate. ;)

  • Odival Quaresma Neto

    I know this is just Minerva propaganda for kids and all, but the UTA scenario is highly unreallistic given the actual context in wich indigenous people from South America are inserted. They don’t have the numbers nor the power (and in many cases, not even the “cultural resources”) to enforce refugees to adopt their customs.
    Mostly likely all the tribes that have little to no contact with western civilization will just die out, from diseases brought by refugees. The other indigenous people are already living within a westernized culture (of sorts) so there wouldn’t be much difference in socio-political organization. There would be no “tribes” and in most cases people would try to retain their original nations, or separate into smaller nations (probably their former federative units, now raised to nation-like status).
    If you ever need some sort of input about these things, in case you cotinue development of Latin America story, nations and whatnot, I could help as I live here (in Brazil) and do have some background in researching these things. =)