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  • Adriano

    Looks like people think Randy is a loser
    I don’t
    I know Randy is Best Dude of the Year

    • Nah, man, you got it all wrong, people are drawing Rick because everyone thinks he’s awesome :D

      • Adriano

        wait who’s rick again

      • Hjels

        Hey, with love, I drew it. With love I say. Rick is awesome. He has the best dreams, hands down.

        • DeNitro

          Girls swooning on him after his brave moment,,, and a lot of people drewl in their sleep for less glorious reasons, but here it just shows his excitement over the dream in a “G” rated way.

          Just a peek inside of his nice dream, 👍

  • Oh, let him have his dreams. He literally did the best he could and he did come out of it in better shape than somebody else we know.

  • Honza Prchal

    So … is he Randy Randy, or Slick Rick? The dream says he’s both.

  • Moxie

    Oh, my… bluey with freckles! Brilliant freckles!