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Nov 2012

The Rebirth – Part 2

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Less than 100 years after the War and Minerva’s origins are already shrouded in mystery and legend.  The official propaganda taught by Oculus is unchallenged, and any contradictory evidence has been removed by the official Archives.  It was with great effort that I found the following fragments referring to the time now known as “The Rebirth.”

Current supplies of food are insufficient to meet the demands of the compound.  Unless arable land is obtained by diplomacy or conquest, the greenhouses will not produce enough fresh food to feed our people, leading to widespread malnutrition and, with time, death.

– Part of a memo from Agricultural Specialist Jung Lee to the Minerva Board of Regents dated 18/05/2047.


Our team investigated Sector 123.511 as recommended by the Oculus.  The river there was flowing, and our field analysis reported it was free of impurities.  The soil passed all of our tests as well.  The locals were unhappy with our presence, but beyond some grimaces and the shaking of a spear, they didn’t bother us.  Enough of them remembered what a rifle was to prevent anything serious.

– Sergeant James Garfield’s Mission Report dated 24/06/2047.


Do whatever it takes.

– Private Message from an encrypted Regent’s account to Captain George Jackson, dated 30/06/2047


I’m a little nervous about leading this new colony.  Sector 123 seems so far away from base.  Even farther from home.  If anything were to happen, I don’t think any of the Peacekeepers could get here in time.  Not much we can do about that except be prepared.  We built the stockade on the hill overlooking the river and the valley.  We’ve already harvested our first fall crop and had a little Thanksgiving celebration.  It’s such a beautiful place; I’m surprised no one else was already living here.

– Mayor Deborah Laa’s Personal Log dated 30/11/2047

I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but it seems obvious that something went on here.  There were hostile people living in Sector 123.511, yet a colony was established just a few months later, with no mention of any locals.  What happened to these people?  Do any of the citizens of Bangur know the truth about their shadowy origins?  Why is no one else worried about this?  Or were the questioners merely silenced?  

  • Adriano #WR

    Damn, paranoia is getting inside of me !

    Minerva looks more and more bad at my eyes as I know them x)

    I mean, at least they provide modern tech and protection to their people, and fight raiders and other bastards, but seriously, what they seem to do with innocent people disagreeing their view is simply incredible… If it’s true or like i think it is.

    I know @Dan like to surprise us ;)

  • Tamara Haitaka

    I knew it ^^ Again, I like this use of snatches of media and then someone coming in piecing it together. But who is he? What’s his motive for wanting to look into this.

    • I’m glad you like it! It’s fun writing as my mystery Archivist ;)