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Nov 2012

The Rebirth – Part 3

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In the earliest days after the War, Minerva had only one goal: survival.  Many historians today will spout propaganda about the “glorious mission” and “divine calling” of Minerva in the “cultural, scientific and political Rebirth” (from Minerva: Our glorious calling by John F. Anderson) as if the few hundred scientists, political refugees and ex-military personnel huddled in a bunker deep in the mountains of the ruined nation of Kyrgyzstan were excited about the end of civilization as they knew it.  As if they weren’t worried about the impending nuclear winter making it nearly impossible to grow any food, or about the extremely high levels of latent radiation they were exposed to on a daily basis.

They will also tell you that due to their advanced technology Minerva was able to escape the War and its aftermath nearly unscathed, ready and able to emerge after the Long Winter to renew and replenish the Earth.  What they don’t tell you is that that technology came to sick and worried men and women on the brink of starvation.  As it always has been, necessity was the mother of invention.  It was during our darkest and most desperate times that we found the means of our survival, and discovered the knowledge that would allow us to thrive.  How ironic that the true nature of our founders’ heroic actions, sacrifices and discoveries has been hidden in the shrouds of time, while fallacious propaganda applauds them for ideals they never held.

It is certainly true that Minerva eventually emerged from the ashes, so to speak, and began restoring the local environment.  They gathered in surviving refugees, established communities, planted farms, and restored a semblance of order and civilization.  I witnessed much of this personally, for my parents were some of the first new Citizens.  I am unsure, now, as I reach my gray years, whether the purposes and goals of Minerva as they undertook the effort to remake the world were humanitarian or political.

The more I learn about our past, the more I understand how little I know.  There are so many unanswered questions.  Secrets within secrets within secrets.  If only I had access to the Vault, perhaps then I would find the answers I seek.

– From unpublished personal memoirs of Gerald Q. Parson, former Dean of Glaucus.  His early retirement from his high position made no waves at the time, but now I wonder how voluntary that retirement was.   The fact that one so high up in the organization of Minerva had so many unresolved doubts only makes me more curious.  What is this Vault he referred to?  What was he seeking?  Did he ever find it?

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    The smell of mystery is strong in this one !